Hon. Agunbiade’s Empowerment: Repackaged Programmes for Market Women, Youths, Others Soon

-deplored party, CDC’s beneficiaries for not repaying loan
By Wale Jagun


Hon. Agunbiade, Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly

Hon. Sanai Agunbiade, the Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly, has assured constituents that his empowerment programmes designed to alleviate poverty for the Market women and youths in Ikorodu would return soon.
He made this assurance while addressing participants at the Stakeholders’ Meeting which took place at Ikorodu Local Government Secretariat Hall on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.
The Honourble lawmaker also deplored the failure oF CDC and party’s beneficiaries to repay the loans granted them through the empowerment programme.
While speaking with THE IMPACT, Hon. Agunbiade explained that after about eight years since he had started most of the empowerment programmes, there is need to rebrand and reorganized them.
“We have repackaged some of our programmes in order to serve our people that trusted us with their mandates better and we shall be giving the interest free loan to market women and also engaged our youths in computer programme before the end of this year. We have been unable to give genuine people the interest free loan because beneficiaries from our party and CDCs are not repaying the loan which must be paid to the bank before securing another”
Hon. Agunbiade while acknowledging the supports from the market women also thanked their leadership for prompt return of the loan.
“The market women have returned their loan as usual and we are going to give them improved loan to help their businesses. Unfortunate, our party and CDCs beneficiaries are not cooperating. Though some of our party people in Ikorodu Central have made returns, but those in Ikorodu North and West LCDAs are not responding, likewise CDCs beneficiaries in the three councils” Agunbiade explained
While revealing that he owes the bank over N3million due to default, Hon. Agunbiade also stated that he will be using legal means and leadership of the party in retrieving the loans.
“There was an agreement with bank before the loan was given and we are going to retrieved it through legal means and the party structures where necessary. The loan is not a share of the ‘national’ cake, rather it is meant to assist small scale businesses in expanding. I have paid the interest to the bank and defaulting beneficiaries should cooperate by paying back before stiff measure is enforced” Agunbiade appealed.
He stated that his three months computer programme designed to empower the youths and Best Brains Contest would also be back soon.
It would be recalled that Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly, introduced Free Three Months Computer Programme, Free Interest Loan and Best Brains Contest among primary and secondary school students in Ikorodu years back.


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