Hon. Ibikunle for Ikorodu LG Chairman

-New political group in the offing


Otunba (Hon) Saheed Oladapo Ibikunle

The former Senior Special Assistant to the then Governor of Lagos State on Education Management, Hon (Otunba) SaheedOladapoIbikunle, popularly called ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Omoluabi’ may have bowed to the requets of some leaders and youths in Ikorodu to contest for the position of Ikorodu local government chairman in the next local government elections.
THE IMPACT which gathered that there has been intense pressure on the former Secretary to the Ikorodu Local Government from different quarters since he was sidelined for Commissionership and Special Adviser appointment in the current government of MrAkinwunmi Abode could also reveal that new political alignment would soon be announced in Ikorodu consisting of politically conscious youths and professionals.
The socio-political group, we also gathered would be championing new direction for Ikorodu politics with the existing order and the pursuit of Hon. SaheedIbikunle’s chairmanship agenda cum inclusive politics with some old brigades as frontiers.
THE IMPACT gathered that the proponents of Hon. Ibikunle for Chairman base their strength on the fact that he had educationally empowered many youths in Ikorodu who are now doing fine in various fields. Also, he had served creditably as Secretary to the Ikorodu Local Government; effectively served in strategic position in the former Governor’s re-election team; and as Personal Assistant to Hon. AbikeDabiri for many years; engendered political consciousness through his ‘Omoluabi Group’; creditably served as member, Governing Council of the Lagos State Polytechnic with impacts on Ikorodu as wll as being the proprietor of a school with international appeal in Ikorodu.
A reliable source who is one of the frontliners of the new group and Hon. Ibikunle’s chairmanship project also told THE IMPACT that, “Hon. Saheed’s experience, connections and membership of some important bodies like Ikorodu Division Resources Group and Ikorodu Chambers of Commerce among others would be an advantage if Ikorodu people support and make his chairmanship a reality.”


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