One Dead, As Ikorodu Records First LASSA Fever Case

-400 feared to have contacted the victim
Kunle Adelabu


Dr Oteniya, Medical Officer, Ikorodu Local Government speaking at the event

Sadly but true that the unfortunate case LASSA fever has been recorded in Ikorodu when a woman who was tested positive recently died at the Ikorodu General hospital in the last week of January 2016.
According to the Executive Secretary, Ikorodu Local Government, Mr Wasiu Adeshina and Medical Officer of the Council, Mr Bode Oteniya, the victim had had contact with about four 400 people which raised the fear of its spread.
The two senior council officials spoke made this revelation during the sensitization programme on LASSA fever and Cervical Cancer Awareness and Free Screening programme organized by Ikorodu Local Government and Hicare Health Nigeria respectively.
THE IMPACT gathered that Mrs Comfort (not real name) became ill after returning from Edo State where she had gone to take care of her mother who is suspected later died of the LASSA virus.
The unsuspecting victim was said to have returned back as a resident in Ikorodu and after developing illness taken to Ijede from where she was referred to Ikorodu General Hospital where she eventually died due to the deadly virus.
“One of the victims (recorded in Lagos State)lived in Ikorodu before her death. Information at my disposal has it that quite a number of people had contact with her and these people had been identified and are all under surveilance. Teams of experts from the State and Federal Ministries of Health are on ground working with our own Medical Health workers to ensure that all of us are safe” The Executive Secretary assured.
Mr Adeshina who enjoined Ikorodu residents to always seek medical attention whenever they develop fever or any other form of illness so as to get prompt attention urged the residents not to be panic but to support the government in taking mass action against the virus.
In his speech, Dr Biola Oteniya said, “There is fear that the victim had had contact with about 400 people at home, Church and other places because LASSA fever is transferrable.”
He added, “LASSA fever cannot kill rat which is why it is transferrable to man. People should improve on their hygiene level and keep a clean and safe environment from rat. Whenever rat is killed, we should endeavour to burn it and buried underground” He advised.
He also assured the populace that the government is on top of the situation. “Ikorodu Local Government is on top of the situation. After the discovery, we have duly informed necessary quarters and ever since officials from the State and Federal Health Ministries have been on ground working with our health officials to check the virus from spreading”


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