Alajede Stool: Ikorodu High Court Resumes Case Management Sitting Tomorrow


The Case Management Conference (CMC) for the Alajede case which commenced before the Honourable Justice Savage of the Lagos High Court, Ikorodu Judicial Division will resume on Thursday, March 10, 2016.


At the CMC which commenced on February, Thursday 4, 2016, and designed to help parties resolve their differences and possibly reach amicable resolution without going into trial, the first Claimant, Pa Owoeye and first Defendant, Hon. Saheed Hassan Adefarasin, the Alajede-elect appeared before the presiding judge for questioning.

While assuring that the CMC process is not a trial, Justice Savage stated that, “The essence of CMC is to mediate and find way out without going to trial”


Excerpts of interview between the Presiding Judge and First Claimant and Defendant:

Presiding Judge: What is your name?

First Claimant: My name is Pa Olayiwola Owoyele.

Presiding Judge: Relation with the other party?

First Claimant: I am the head of Idowu Ajanaku royal family of Ijede

Presiding Judge: Why did you sue the 1st and 3rd (Hon. Saheed Hassan and Chief Aliu Musediq, the Olisa/Regent)?

First Claimant: I am suing because they want to usurp the Alajede stool.

Presiding Judge: Why are you suing government functionaries (Ijede LCDA Chairman, Commissioner for Local Government & Chieftaincy, Lagos State Governor etc)?

First Claimant: I am suing because the first defendant Is trying to influence them into installing him as the next Alajede and because they wanted to install him as such.

Presiding Judge: Do you think the matter can be settled amicably with the 1st and 3rd Defendants without trial?

First Claimant: No. It cannot be resolved.


Presiding Judge: What is your name?

First Defendant: My name is Hon Saheed Hassan Adefarasin

Presiding Judge: Do you know the Claimants?

First Defendant: Yes, I know all of them.

Presiding Judge: The first Claimant is alleging that you want to usurp the Alajede throne. What do you say to that?

First Defendant: I’m surprised because it was the first claimant that traced my genealogy to the throne. How can I be …(cut in)

Presiding Judge: He alleged that you are trying to influence the government functionaries?

First Defendant: No.

Presiding Judge: He also alleged that the kingmakers wanted to install you. What do you say to that?

First Defendant: May be because I attended the screening/selection process for Alajede.

Presiding Judge: Do you think that the matter can be settled without trial?

First Defendant: Yes. I am available for settlement.

Presiding Judge: What are you offering as settlement since you stated that you are avail to it? You should also know that the other party said that it cannot be settled. How do you think it can be settled?

First Defendant: I am available for settlement but if they are not ready for settlement I am also prepare for trail.

Meanwhile, the presiding judge as assured that the State Functionaries would be given fair hearing by being given opportunity to react to allegations made against them by the first Claimant.

The CMC was initially adjourned to Wednesday, February 17, 2016 for State Counsel to appear but the court was unable to sit.






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