Lagos Commissioner Unveil Plans For Energy, Oil, Solid Minerals

-Confirmed availability of oil in Lagos.

Kunle Adelabu


Commissioner for Energy & Mineral Resources, Mr Olawale Oluwo unveiling the agenda of his ministry to the State Community Media Forum

The Lagos State Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr Olawale Oluwo has unveiled the state government’s plans for improve energy and make the state secured in terms of availability of oil and gas.

He addressed Community Media Practitioners at the 6th Community Media Forum at T-Block, State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja on Monday, April 11, 2016.

Mr Oluwo stated that the light-up Lagos which was one of the electoral promises of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode stands on three tripod for its implementation.

“What most people know is that the government is executing one of its promises but they do not know that the implementation stands on three tripod- Street lightening which is ongoing, community electrification which has also commenced and embedded power.”

While further explaining the plans for Street lightening, the Commissioner stated that there are about six stages/processes that has been identified and which the ministry is carefully executing to achieve the plans to have light on every streets in Lagos State.

According to him, “We have succeeded in identifying about 10 owners of street light projects in Lagos which are LAMTATA, FERMA, Ministry of Works, Local Governments, Federal lawmakers, LCC in case of Lekki-Epe road project among others, The idea is to take them away from all these agencies, parastatals and tiers of government and put them in one channel for proper management. This has been achieved”


L-R, Commissioner Oluwo, Special Adviser on Communities & Communications, Hon. Kehinde Bamigbetan and the Director, Community Department, Ministry of Communities & Communications, Mrs Dosunmu during the meeting

“We also intend lighting up all the existing poles and concurrently erecting new ones which is ongoing. This shall be followed by project light-up all Lagos borders. The idea is to ensure that there are street lights at every point of entry in Lagos and by the end of this year we would have lighting up Seme-Badagry border, Lagos International Airport, Berger, Ile Zik (border from Sango), Epe-Itoikin and Ita-Oluwo-Ikorodu borders” said the Commissioner.

Other plans towards achieving the projects are to put new technology on the Street lights, give them to private sectors i.e. CDA/CDC for proper management and create backbone to link all the lights across Lagos.

“The final stage is taking everything away from the national grid and put them into independent power supply” he added.

According to the Commissioner, the second tripod is rural electrification which he said that the government is achieving by so far lightening up 68 communities in Ibeju-Lekki with 86 transformers.

“These 68 communities has been unable to be connected to the national grid in the last 6years. Between now and November, the campaign will be extended to the Seme border, an area which has been perpetually on generator including our Custom office because of problem of connecting them to the national grid” he explained.

While explaining the third tripod of the light-up Lagos project, Mr Oluwo stated, “The embedded power is to gradually bring constant power into homes in Lagos State and ensure that the state is safe from any national power challenge. The idea is to take every parts of the state one after the other off the national grid.”

To achieve its aims, the Commissioner stated that the state is working with major stakeholders in the power sector, “We are working in tandem with major stakeholders like Federal Ministry of Power, DISCO and others. They are also part of the State Advisory Committee which has the Deputy Governor as the chairman”

Oli and Gas

According to the Commissioner, the Lagos State Governmen’s plan in the area of oil and gas are to achieve the followings:

“Our aim is to be a major player in the oil and gas sector and we have taken a giant step forward by establishing IBILE Oil and Gas Industry.”

‘We also plan to have our own concessionary oil blocks so as to have access to gas to power our light and between 2017 and 2019, make the state an oil producing state. I can confirm to you that LAGOS State has oil though still in mining stage. We are member of Dahome Basin which is rich in oil and gas. There is oil in Badagry and the Eric Moore is sitting on oil and gas deposit. This I can authoritatively confirm to you.”

He added that the state is in talk with Dangote which is building in Lagos the largest refinery in Africa.

Solid Minerals

The Commissioner who is also overseeing the management of the state solid minerals stated that the government has consulted a Canadian firm to help find out and give accurate report on resources the state is sitting-on including what we have in the water.

Speaking on the stoppage of mining activities in various Lagos communities, the Commissioner explained that after the closure the government has sent Geologists and inspection team into the communities to find out the level of degradations.

According to him, “The plan is to one, identify sites which has not been degraded and can be re-awarded. Two, restored areas that has been degraded and see if some of it can be re-awarded for mining activities and three, restored and prevent any further mining activities in some areas”


Hon. Commissiner Oluwo, Hon. Bamigbetan and Mrs Dosunmu in group photograph with members of the Community Media Forum after the meeting.




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