ADEBORUWA STOOL: Prince Semiu Is Adeboruwa-Elect

-Emerge best in Kingmaker’s, family’s screenings

-Oshinbokunren, Osho-Ojuba court cases delay announcement

Story & Pictures by Kunle Adelabu with Steve Anu’ Adesemoye


Prince Semiu Kasali during the Kingmaker’s screening at Adeboruwa palace, Igbogbo

Following the screening of the three shortlisted candidates by the Igbogbo Kingmakers at the Adeboruwa Palace Igbogbo on Monday, April 4, Prince Semiu Kasali has emerged as the Adeboruwa-Elect.

The names of the three candidates- Prince Abdul Semiu Kasali, Prince (Alhaji) Jimoh Ogunmuyiwa and Prince (Asiwaju) Mukaila Ajenise-Kuti were sent to the kingmakers after the family’s screening on March, Sunday 28, 2016.


The three candidates exhibiting spirit of sportsmanship after the screen at Adeboruwa palace, Igbogbo. Prince Semiu Kasali (Middle), Prince Jimoh Ogunmuyiwa (Right) and Prince Mukaila Ajenise-Kuti.

THE IMPACT gathered that the name of the Oba-elect was sent via a letter signed by the four remaining Kingmakers – High Chief Adebola Sholanke, the Regent/Olisa of Igbogbo, High Chief Tajudeen Onasanya, the Odofin of Igbogbo, Chief Olorunwa Adeniji, the Oluwo of Igbogbo and Chief Chief Obafemi Obayomi,the Apena of Igbogbo. The position of Aro is vacant.

After about two weeks in the Ministry of Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs, THE IMPACT gathered that the name was sent to the Ministry of Justice and was subsequently recommended to the State Executive Council for the final approval.

The Igbogbo Local Council Development Area had earlier issued a public notice directing the next ruling house on the Declaration for Adeboruwa of Igbogbo – the Ijaolu Ruling House to present candidate(s) within a stipulated time to the Kingmakers from which they are expected to select the Abedoruwa-elect.


Ifa priests consulting the Oracle during the screening

Public Notice

In a public notice issued on 24th March, 2016 and signed by the Executive Secretary, Hon. Taiwo Orenuga, the government called on the Ijaolu Ruling House to produce candidate(s) for the consideration of the Adeboruwa Kingmakers.

Adeboruwa of Igbogbo Update

Public notice issued by the Executive Secretary, Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA directing Ijaolu Ruling House, Igbogbo to produce candidate(s) for screening to fill the vacant Adeborua stool

According to the public notice, “It is hereby notified, that IJAOLU Ruling House is the next ruling house in the declaration in respect of the Adeboruwa to present candidate(s) for the vacant stool of Adeboruwa of Igbogbo.”

“The Ijaolu Ruling House of Igbogbo, hereby called upon to submit the name(s) of the candidate(s) selected for the filling of the vacant stool of the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, to the Kingmakers within Thirty days of the date of this notice”

By this public notice by the Executive Secretary, Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, the coast is now clear for the Adeboruwa Kingmakers and the generality of Igbogbo residents to begin the process of selection of the next Oba of Igbogbo.

Ijaolu Ruling House Screening

At the internal screening of the Ijaolu Ruling House which took place at their family house, it has twenty-five delegates with the five branches been represented by five members each.


Chieftains and members of the Ijaolu Ruling House with the candidates during the screening at Adeboruwa palace

THE IMPACT gathered that the family selection process which took place on Monday, March 28, 2016 involved presentation by each of the three candidates that took the N1million nomination forms and passed necessary clearance and thereafter, the twenty-five delegates voted for their choice.

The five branches are – Olutemowo, Emugorade, Oyekade, Ipawo-oba and one other

At the end of the process which has been described as free and fair, Prince Semiu Kasali from Emugorade branch polled 21 votes, Prince Jelili Ogunmuyiwa from Olutemowo branch polled 2 votes while Prince Mukaila Ajenise-Kuti also from Olutemowo polled 1 vote. The Olootu (family head) abstained from voting.

THE IMPACT gathered that the family thereafter sent the name of Prince Semiu Kasali as the most preferred candidate in presentation and voting to the Adeboruwa Kingmakers led by High Chief Adebola Sholanke, the Olisa of Igbogbo.

Kingmakers Screening

On Monday, April 4, 2016, three candidates shortlisted by the Ijaolu Ruling House of Igbogbo irrespective of the outcome of the family’s process were invited to appear before the kingmakers for final screening at the Adeboruwa Palace Igbogbo.

While welcoming members of the Ijaolu Ruling House, High Chief Tajudeen Onasanya, the Odofin of Igbogbo, commended them for presenting credible and outstanding candidates.

“On behalf of the Adeboruwa Kingmakers, Adeboruwa-in-Council and the entire Igbogbo people, I thank you (Ijaolu Ruling House) for doing a thorough screening and presenting three credible and presentable candidates for the final short-listing by the kingmakers. But it is important for you all to know that the three candidates are vying for a sole position and just one among them will be picked. You should count yourself worthy that you are part of the final screening out of many that showed interest in the beginning. We are appealing to you and the entire family to support whomever emerged as the Oba-Elect at the end of the day,” Chief Onasanya appealed.

Also speaking, the Regent/Olisa of Igbogbo, High Chief Adebola Sholanke also appealed to the family and the candidates to sustain the spirit of sportsmanship after the screening process.

The kingmakers’ screening includes the presentation of original and photocopies of credentials, personal interview and Ifa divination.

It was gathered from reliable sources within the Adeboruwa palace and the Ministry of Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs that the Adeboruwa-elect as sent by the Kingmakers is Prince Semiu Kasali, a State Counsel in the Ministry of Justice, Lagos State and that the name has been recommended to the Governor of Lagos State as the next Adeboruwa of Igbogbo.

He was said to have emerged as best in all the process conducted by the Kingmakers for the three finalists inside the Adeboruwa palace, Igbogbo.

THE IMPACT gathered that aside Prince Semiu Kasali’s academic standing and many other factors also counted in his favour during the exercise.

It was gathered that though he has not been very feasible in activities in Igbogbo, he has been making contributions which were unnoticed due to his nature. He is said to have provided immeasurable assistance to Igbogbo community and the residents over the years.

Another factor that we gathered also counted for him is the contributions of his father and brother to the family and the community. His brother we gathered has been a major actor in the social and economic development of Igbogbo.

It is equally gathered that he possesses a meticulous plan on how to tackle major challenges facing Igbogbo especially, that of internal crisis and how to reconcile the warring factions in the town. The Kingmakers and majority of Igbogbo residents believed his non-involvement in any of these factions will help the process of quick resolution.

As a government functionary, cross section of the community also holds the perception that he knows which door to knock concerning the social, economic and political development of Igbogbo. His listening nature is also an added factor.

His youthfulness also counted in his favour compare to other contestants’ ages. A member of Adeboruwa-in-Council (not a member of the Council of Kingmakers) said, “If Ife the source of Yoruba origin can installed a 40year old as successor to Oduduwa why should our community not look in that direction if truly we are concern about the future. We need an energetic and result-oriented young man and in him (Oba-elect Semiu Kasali) we have found that and we are expecting maximum cooperation from every quarter of Igbogbo community.

Like the popular Latin saying, “vox populi, vox dei” (the voice of man is the voice of God), THE IMPACT gathered that the result of Prince Semiu’s Ifa divination during the screening by the Kingmakers is also the best. The Oracle, we reliably gathered favoured his reign which has been predicted to be peaceful and development-oriented.

He is not without shortcomings which some also believed are inherent in his quiet nature. It is believe that he may not be decisive in taking decisions. But a member of Ijaolu Ruling House told THE IMPACT, that “those holding such view may be in for a shocker when the Oba-elect finally sit on the throne. He may be a quiet person but anybody that knows him know that he is very meticulous and scientific in his approach. He will never engage you in needless argument but he is capable of knocking you off with time-tested position. He is going to be an Oba for the entire Igbogbo community and not a segment” the member assured the people

He also appealed to warring factions to sheathe their swords in the interest of Igbogbo town and its people.

“I can assure you that Oba-elect Semiu Kasali’s emergence is divine and the best that can happen to Igbogbo community. I am appealing to everyone to come on board and accept the transparent and divine process that threw him up. He was prevailed upon and he has accepted the challenge to help in building our community and make prosperous. We cannot achieve this without maintaining peaceful co-existence and that is his strength”

Though, every necessary process has been perfected, THE IMPACT gathered that what is delaying the official pronouncement by the government is the court cases instituted by the Oshinbokunren and Osho-Ojuba Royal houses. This we gathered from a reliable source within the Ministry of Local government & Chieftaincy Matters is causing what is been described as ‘temporary’ set back.

It was also gathered that the government of Mr Akinwunmi Ambode does not want to be in collision with the judicial thus the silence.

“We are aware that a party has gotten injunction till sometime in May and this is a government that respects judicial process and we must be seen to be doing so. This notwithstanding the fact that the process of the selection of new Adeboruwa of Igbogbo has been concluded and the announcement will be made public in due course. We are also concerned in reconciling all the factions and are mindful of not doing anything that will steer any crisis in Igbogbo” the source told THE IMPACT.

Profile of Adeboruwa-Elect, Prince Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali


Prince Semiu Kasali, the Adeboruwa-elect


Prince Semiu Kasali is a State Counsel with the Ministry of Justice, Lagos State. He is from the Emugorade branch of Ijaolu Ruling House, Igbogbo.

He was born on December 30, 1968 at Ebute-Metta, Lagos and attended UNA Primary School, Odunfa, Ebute-Metta, Lagos (1974-1979), Denton Grammar School, Ebute-Metta,Lagos (1980-1985), St.Gregory’s College, Obalende, LAGOS (1986-1988), University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State (1990-1997), Nigeria Law School (1997), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (2000-2001) and the Nigerian Institute of Advance Lega Studies, UNILAG, Lagos (2008).

He has been involved in social and economic development of Igbogbo community through his membership and participation in Igbogbo Students’ Union, Igbogbo Social & Economic Council among others.

The Adeboruwa-elect holds Certificate Course in International Criminal Court, Master in LAW (LL.M), Barrister at Law (BL), Higher School Certificate (Advance Level), SSCE and First School Leaving Certificate.

He was at various times Attendance Prefect at St. Gregory’s College, Interior Minister, Mellanby Hall (U.I) and Member, Students’ Representative Council (SUG) U.I.

He has at various times worked with Pinheiro & Oguntade, Isele Eseimo & Co., Ade Akinsanya and currently works in the service of the Lagos State Government where he has worked in different capacities, Ministries and Parastatals.


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