Adeboruwa Stool: “The Kingmaker’s Screening is Transparent, Fair”- Princes

THE IMPACT Newspaper’s Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, Kunle Adelabu who is the only reporter that had the privilege of directly covering two processes of Obaship screening in Ikorodu Division engaged the three candidates shortlisted by the Ijaolu Ruling House for the final screening by the Igbogbo Kingmakers during their screening on Monday, April 4, 2016. Excerpts:

Prince Semiu Kasali, State Counsel, Emugorade branch of Ijaolu Ruling House


The Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, THE IMAPCT Newspape, Kunle Adelabu in an interview with Prince Semiu Kasali during the Kingmakers’ screening


IMPACT: How will you describe both the family and the Kingmakers’ screening so far?

Prince Kasali: So far so good, I think the tradition and due process are being followed. There is no cause for alarm and I think we are on course.

IMPACT: What are your expectations?

Prince Kasali: I am hoping for the best in the interest of our community. You can see that the three of us are sitting together in the interest of our community and we are expecting wise counsel to prevail.

IMPACT: If at the end of the day you’re announced as the Oba-elect, what will be your major programmes for Igbogbo?

Princew Kasali: We have so many programmes  lined-up for the progress of the community. Majorly, we want to seek the cooperation of the major stakeholders in Igbogbo project and also find ways of working with the community leaders and the people in moving Igbogbo forward. Also, we want to look in the areas of collaborating with the state government to move economic and social activities of Igbogbo forward. I want to see to the citing of industries, market improvement, improved community policing, welfare scheme and encouraging and promoting Igbogbo cultural values.

Prince (Alh.) Hon. Jimoh Ogunmuyiwa, Olutemowo branch of Ijaolu Ruling House        


Prince Jimoh Ogunmuyiwa in an interview with the Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, THE IMAPCT Newspaper, Kunle Adelabu during the screening at the Adeboruwa palace

IMPACT: How will you describe the process of selection starting  from the family and today with the Kingmakers?

Prince Ogunmuyiwa: In fact, the one held on March 28 was okay; but what we are seeing here today is different because you can see that Ifa oracle is being consulted among other things. Despite the fact that we are all seated outside but everybody can see that the process is going on freely and we hope for the best.

IMPACT: If at the end, you are pronounced as the Oba-elect, what should Igbogbo people be expecting from you?

Prince Ogunmuyiwa: Olorun ni Oba afini mona ((It is only the Almighty God that can illuminate one’s path). If  I‘m elected as the next Oba, I hope to improve on my past achievements. We have been doing it and we can do better regarding the development of Igbogbo socially and economically. I have been local government chairman and presently, the Baba-Oloja General of Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA. I have lived all my life in Igbogbo. I schooled and married here and also belong to many associations. With my experience as a politician, market leader and socialite, I believe I can move the community forward. Immediately I’m elected, my first meeting will be with the co-contestants to share ideas.

Prince (Asiwaju) Mukaila Ajenise-Kuti, Olutemowo branch of Ijaolu Ruling House


Prince Mukaila Ajesnise-Kuti responding to questions during an interview at the Adeboruwa palace

IMPACT: How will you describe the process of selection so far starting with the family and now the kingmaker’s screening?

Prince Ajenise-Kuti: To me, what the kingmakers are doing today is the only true way of selecting a candidate for the Obaship positon. It is devoid of any bias or favouritism. It is a clear concept of what selection process should look like and whoever emerges will get the support of others.

IMPACT: If you are elected at the end of the process, what will be your agenda for Igbogbo?

Prince Ajenise-Kuti: My major agenda is to embark on development of Igbogbo and its environs by ensuring that education, infrastructure, health, youth empowerment and other key areas of our community are improved upon to benefit the people. I intend to put in place a committee to look into developmental projects like road, stadium, youth centre etc and give us ways of improving them. Also, my plan is to turn Igbogbo Primary Health Centre (PHC) into General Hospital within 6months of my installation as well asw ensuring that many Chiefs are gazette by the State so as to allow them benefit from the government. Many of them do not have any other thing doing except communal work and they deserve wages, training, etc.


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