Tension As Cultists Go After Vigilante Chieftains, Kills One in Ikorodu

Wale Olukotun

Geleti 2

Afeez Oseni aka ‘Geleti’

In what can best be described as a case of the hunter now being hunted, cult groups in Ikorodu are now targeting the chieftains of the local vigilante group popularly called ‘Onyabo’. The first victim of this turn-around is Afeez Oseni, a senior member of the vigilante, popularly called ‘Geleti’ who was brutally killed thereby making residents live in fear.

Oseni who was attacked and murdered at Aga junction in the afternoon of Saturday, May 7, 2016, THE IMPACT gathered, has been a target for some time.

About four weeks earlier, a suspected cult group had stormed Mudashiru House, along Ireshe Road, Ikorodu, office of the vigilante group and opened fire on the vigilante operatives. THE IMPACT gathered that the main target was the Onyabo chieftain, Mr Lanre Olabinjo. Though, there was no casualty but our reporter counted over ten bullet holes on the wall.

According to an eye witness, Afeez was attacked at Aga junction where he was playing card and draught with his friends by about five guys who came on motorcycles. The unsuspecting Afeez,  we gathered, was hit on the head with an axe and his attempt to resist his attackers proved abortive as he was over powered and shot severally.

THE IMPACT gathered that the assailants waited for few minutes to ensure that he was dead and severed his wrist which was taken away.

“His assailants came on motorcycles and made straight for him as if someone has tipped them off because he arrived (Aga junction where he was killed) not quite long. He put up resistance but the impact of the axe on his head was so much because his assailants thought that bullet may not penetrate him. They thereafter shot him severally. His wrist was also severed and they went away with it” said the eye witness.

Another eye witness said, “We were in the Church when we heard several gun shots and people started running helter-skelter. Everything happened suddenly because for a moment the environment was peaceful but the next moment it was as if we were in the jungle where life is brutish and short. I cannot believe what those guys did to a fellow human being. He was brutally killed and left in a pool of his own blood.”

A chieftain of the Onyabo Vigilante Group who spoke with THE IMPACT blamed the community and the police for the death of Afeez Oseni. “His death is on the community and the police because this is a guy that has been risking everything for the community and yet exposed to serious threat that eventually consumed him. He has been the one leading our operations in arresting these notorious cultists and robbers but it’s quite unfortunate that these suspects with overwhelming evidence for prosecution are usually released after some days in the cell and Afeez and people like me becomes their target. Ikorodu and the police killed Afeez” the Onyabo chieftain asserted.

After the gruesome murder of Afeez, the suspected cultists were said to abandon one of the motorcycles with no number plate at the scene and snatched another motorcycle from an elderly man to escape.

THE IMPACT also gathered from another chieftain of the vigilante group who do not want his name in print because of the security situation that late Afeez would have escaped death if he had attended a traditional invitation in Igbogbo but refused because of lack of money and fear of being attack by the cultists in Igbogbo.

“Someone called him few minutes before his death that he should come for a traditional rite in Igbogbo but he turned it down on the ground that he did not have money and when pressed further, he said that the cultists in Igbogbo were targeting him and coming there would mean walking into the lion’s den. Unfortunately for him, he was equally not safe in Ikorodu all because he was trying to sanitize the community.

Fearing reprisal attacks, residents of Ikorodu quickly closed shops and houses. The remains of Afeez Oseni have since been deposited at the Ikorodu General Hospital mortuary by members of Onyabo Vigilante Group led by Mr Lanre Olabinjo and Nigerian Police in Ikorodu.

As at the time of filling this report, neither the Onyabo Vigilante Group nor the Nigerian Police has made any official statement.


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