Awojobi Geniuses: A Year After

Adelabu Kunle

It was a year ago when the unexpected deaths of two geniuses, Omooba Engr. (Dr.) Olubusola Adebayo Awjobi, former President, Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers and Engr. Oluyombo Awjobi, the Chief Medical director, Awjobi Clinic, Eruwa, hit the Awojobi family of Ikorodu but the effects of these two colossal losses could be felt not only in the Ikorodu, but also nationally and internationally because of what they both represented to humanity.

Though, prophets without honour at home but Engr. Olubusola Awojobi and Dr Oluyombo Awojobi who were both younger brothers to another engineering and mathematics wizard who was also politically enlightened, Late Professor Ayodele Awojobi, were well celebrated and honoured outside Ikorodu while alive and in death.

While Omooba Engr. (Dr.) Olubusola Adebayo Awojobi died on Tuesday, February 3, 2016, and buried in Ikorodu on Thursday, April 9, 2015, Omooba (Dr.) Oluyombo Adetilewa Awojobi died on Friday, April 17, 2015 and buried in Eruwa, Oyo State on Friday, May 15, 2015. He died just a week after the interment of his brother Engr. Busola. They were 72 and 69 years old respectively.

Like their eldest brother, late Busola and Yombo were geniuses with great inventions that are not only contributing to the advancement of knowledge but that would also impact greatly on humanity if their dreams could be supported. These two souls were bred like their brother, Prof. Ayodele Awojobi who within his short time on earth showed an exceptional practical knowledge in many fields of human endeavours.

These two Awojobis had joined their brother in the privilege class of immortality due to their exemplary life styles, creativity and ingenuity which contributed immensely and further the cause of humanity.

Dr Yombo Awojobi, a Foremost Doctor, Inventor

Awojobi 6

Dr Yombo Awojobi


Dr Yombo Awojobi, a foremost Ikorodu son, architect, renowned inventor, community health officer, builder, surgeon, doctor, maintenance man, proprietor, and chief dreamer of the Awojobi Clinic Eruwa in Eruwa, Ibarapa East Local Government Area, his adopted town.

The world renowned inventor with his late brother produced, inventing and fabricating machines, medical devices and other great innovations.

Dr Oluyombo Awojobi was born on 1st March 1951 to the Awojobi family of Ikorodu. He attended Methodist School Oshodi, Lagos for his primary school education. He is an Old Grammarian of the 1963-69 set.

Young Yombo enjoyed tutelage under his genius brother, late Prof Ayodele Awojobi who taught him 20 theorems in Geometry before he got into secondary school. He could solve the simultaneous equation in Algebra by the substitution method and attempt some quadratic equations. He was reputed to have recited the theorem on parallel lines while asleep and waiting for the night tutorial: “when two parallel lines are intercepted by the transversal, corresponding angles are equal, alternate angles are equal and interior angles add up to 180 degrees.”

In 1966 when the senior Ayodele Awojobi arrived Nigeria and took up employment at University of Lagos, he tutored Yombo in Physics, teaching him all of Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism and Light in three months. In the following year, Yombo passed the West African School Certificate Examinations with eight distinctions which erased the 12-year-old record set by his brother, Ayodele. Two years later, in 1969, he scored four distinctions in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Fine Art at the Cambridge Higher School Certificate Examinations.

Yombo was the sixth Awojobi of four generations that attended the famous alma mater, CMS Gramar School . Consequent on his performance in school, the then principal, Revd Canon B. A Adelaja had this to say in the 1969  school report: “because of the brilliant performance of the Awojobis throughout their course here (and five of them have passed through my hands) it is being suggested that subsequent Awojobis be granted exemption from the entrance examination to the school!!”


Awojobi 2

Awojobi with one of his inventions, the Eruwa Biogas plant that generates cooking gas from poultry droppings or cow dung

Dr Yombo had several scholarships to travel abroad, but decided to have all his professional training at the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan, where he graduated in 1975 with distinction in Surgery. He was a University scholar after the first University examinations in 1972. He also won the prestigious Adeola Odutola prize for the Best Final Year Medical Student. Most of his teachers at Ibadan were Old Grammarians.

Awojobi 4

Some of the inventions of Late Dr Yombo Awojobi

After National Youth Service in Benue State, he gravitated back to UCH and commenced Postgraduate Training in Surgery in 1977. He was the only of his peers who did not travel abroad as part of the training. As a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria since 1983, he has practiced what he knows best surgery. He was a consultant surgeon at the District Hospital Eruwa for three years the first and only Nigerian consultant to practice at that level in the public service. But, due to bureaucratic bottlenecks, he set up his practice, Awojobi Clinic, Eruwa with the mission statement , “A private hospital in the public service.”

Awojobi 5

An Inventor with his inventions

Awojobi 1

At Awojobi Eruwa Clinic

He is also a Fellow of the Association of Rural Surgeons of India and an Associate Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the Bells University of Technology, Ota.

Awojobi 3

Foreign Medical Personnel at Awojobi Clinic, Eruwa

Although a Rural Surgeon, but Dr Yombo Awojobi in all sense was an inventor and in close partnership with his late Structural Engineer brother, ‘Busola, he invented the following machines and medical devices:

  1. The hospital still that distils 10 litres of water per hour
  2. The bicycle haematocrit centrifuge that resolves at 5400 rpm and generates a force 3000 times that of gravity.
  3. The operating table made of 90% wood 10% metal
  4. The portable concrete mixer that resolves 360 degrees like the swivel chair.
  5. The maize cob furnace which literally turns waste to fuel.
  6. The conversion of the motorcycle to a tricycle called Keke Eruwa (Autonov 3) which could be adapted for a village ambulance. Autnovs 1 and 2 were the inventions of Prof Ayodele Awojobi.
  7. Autonov 4, the car that could reverse using all the four forward gears. This newer version of Autonov 2 using a simpler method.
  8. Eruwa Biogas plant that generates cooking gas from poultry droppings or cow dung.
  9. Eruwa interlocking cement blocks which will reduce the cost of block work in building houses by about 40%
  10. The ACE sandcrete mixer vibrator that make the production of cement blocks less tedious.
  11. The concept of convectional ventilation to reduce the deleterious effects of global warming.
  12. The pre-timed fish meal dispenser that allows the lone farmer feed his fish while he is away from the farm.
  13. The rotating and the sieve.

Dr Yombo Awojobi was conferred the Baseegun of Eruwa by HRM Eleruwa of Eruwa, Ibarapa East Local Government, Oyo State where he has his largest hospital. His remains was buried at Eruwa where he was loved and worshipped as humanitarian per excellence.


Engr. Olubusola Awojobi, FNIStructE, FNSE

Engr Awojobi

Engr. Busola Awojobi

Engr. Olubusola Adebayo Awojobi, a Triple Prince, was born in Lagos on 27th July, 1942 to the family of Late Omo-Oba Daniel Adekoya Awojobi of Elepe Quarters, Ikorodu, Lagos State and Late Madam Comfort Bamidele Awojobi (nee Adetunji) of Modakeke, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

He attended Methodist School education, Oshodi Lagos State, for his Primary School education from 1948 to 1954. For his Secondary School education, he attended the oldest secondary school and citadel of western education in Nigeria, CMS Grammar School, Lagos and Later Bariga from 1955 to 1959. He was appointed a school prefect in 1959 .

From 1960 up to 1962, he was a student at the Ibadan Branch of the Nigeria College of Arts, Science and Technology here he studied for his London University G.C.E (Advanced Level) in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Physics (which he passed with Distinction)

Sojourn to United Kingdom

With the letter of Provisional Admission to Manchester College of Science and Technology; Busola left Nigeria on the 1st of October, 1963 to join his two elder brothers, Yinka and Ayodele Awojobi in London. They offered to sponsor for his University Education.

With the good G.C.E A’Level results, he gained admission in October 1963 to study Civil Engineering at University of London’s King’s College, Strand, London. His brother Ayodele and his wife accommodated him in their flat during his first session at King’s College. After graduating with B.Sc (Eng.) one-year Post Graduate programme, with specialization in Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Professional Career

His first employment in October 1967 was with a firm of Engineering Consultants, C.H Dobbie and Partners, Victoria, London; where he was involved in the Department and Application of Computer Programs in Basis Algol for Road Alignment Designs. At that time, he was not satisfied with the prospect of becoming a Computer Programmer. Besides that, he wanted to be more involved in the practical aspect of Civil Engineering; which would  be  more relevant back in Nigeria.

In January 1968, he therefore moved to the Greater London Council, Housing Engineers Division of the Department of Architecture and Civic Design, County Hall, London Se 1.

As a Junior Civil Engineer at GLC, he designed and prepared the Working Drawings for the following structures which were constructed at Thamesmead New Town London SE.

  • 3 no. Vehicular Bridges
  • Weirs, Box Culverts Precast Reinforced Concrete Units used in a Canal/Drainage System.
  • 3 No. Pedestrian Bridges, one of which is 240m long and spans over a Railway line, two Expressways and three Service Roads.
  • During the period up to July 1973, he also served as Assistant to Resident Engineer in the Site Supervision of the Construction of the following projects at Thamesmead New Town, London SE.
  • 6 No. Pedestrian Bridges
  • 3 No. Vehicular Bridges
  • 3 No. Subways and Adjacent Retaining Walls
  • Construction of a2 km long Canal/Drainage System which discharges into Erith marshes of River Thames.
  • In December he was admitted as a Corporate Member of the (British) Institution of Civil Engineers.

Return to Nigeria

  • From London, Mobil Oil Nigeria Ltd in July 1973 recruited Engr. Busola Awojobi and his friend, Engr. (Chief) Akinola Lasebikan (later Chairman/MD of Hademec Limited), into the Marketing Operations Deoartment in its Broad Street Head Office.
  • While with MONL, he designed and supervised some Civil Engineering Works in Retail Outlets, Depots and Terminals in South-West and Midwest of Nigeria.
  • He was also involved in the Management and Control of the activities of about 100-man staff in Depots and Terminals in Ikeja, Apapa, Ibadan and Sapele (Ogharefe)
  • In 1974, he attended a Management Course in Nairobi, Kenya, which was organized by Mobil Corporation, U.S.A

Return to Consultancy and Construction Services

Not feeling satisfied with the level of Civil and Structural Engineering Challenges he had in Mobil Oil Nigeria Ltd, he resigned his appointment with MONL to join a firm of Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Engineers: Messrs SAM ONABANJO GROUP ENGINEERS.

  • While with the firms, he designed as many as 36 No. Short Span Vehicular Bridges and 141 R.C. Box Culverts on the Ajasepo-Mashe Road, in Kwara State.
  • He was a member of S.O.G.E staff in the TRANSPOCONSULT CONSORTIUM for the Lagos Metropolitan Area Tansport Study team in 1975/76.
  • In July 1976, he was invited to join the Consulting Engineering firm of S.O OYESANYA & ASSOCIATES s a junior partner. He remained there until December 1984 when he resigned the appointment. While there, he designed or was responsible for some notable Civil and Structural Engineering projects. Amongst these were:
  • Supervision of the construction of Tin Can Island Port by Julius Berger Nigeria Ltd; as the Co-Ordinating Partner with Messrs TractionelElectricite, Brussels, Belgium
  • A 10-Storey Head Office Block for Chase Merchant Bank Ltd at No.1, Kingsway (now Rewane) Road, Ikoyi. The building is now marked “Union Marble House”
  • 3 No. 12-Storey Block of Flats for NPA in Apapa.
  • Bulk Cement Handling Facilities for NPA at Calabar, Port Harcourt (Onne) and Warri Ports.
  • 104-km long Interstate Federal Government Highway (TRF 104) between Imo and Cross River States: Ovom-Azumini-Etinan-IkotUbo Road project.
  • 48-km long Highway for Ogun State Government, including a 800m long Viaduct: Igbessa-Olorunshola-Itele-Otta Road Project.
  • Several Low-Rise Buildings for individuals and Corporate organizations.


In January 1985, he and  his friend joined together to form the Copnsulting Engineering Practice of AWOJOBI OKUWOBI PARTNERSHIP. The firm thrived successfully until January 2006, when his co-founder, Engr. Bayo Okuwobi died. Some of the projects designed and/or supervised included:

  • Bamboo Plaza: A 7-Storey Office Complex on Isheri Road, Ikeja for Messrs Shobowale Animashawun Farms Ltd.
  • Proposed 20-Storey “Olbon Plaza”: A mixed Commercial and Residential Development on the site of the old Nigerian Prison on Broad Street, Lagos.
  • 17-storey Head Office Building for Messrs ALLIED BANK OF NIG. LTD at Olowogbowo/Broad Street Lagos.
  • Housing Project for Chevron Nigeria Ltd at Lekki, Lagos.
  • Office Blocks for Messrs Babington Ashaye & co. Ltd.
  • Proposed branch offices for Messrs Hallmark Bank Plc in Akwa, Enugu and Port Harcourt.
  • Several Low-Rise Buildings for Individuals and Corporate Organizations.

In February 2006, the firm of Busola Awojobi and Company: Consultants, Project Managers and Contractors was founded. Projects handled by the firm include:

  • Proposed Office Building for the Federation of Construction Industry (FOCI) at Gudu District, Abuja
  • Proposed Cargo Terminal and Cold Storage Building for Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja.
  • A 3-Storey “Ikorodu Villa” Shopping Arcade at No. 4, Banjoko Street, Oshodi, Lagos.
  • Proposed Residential Building for Mrs. Eugenia Ayodele Dada at 39, Queen’s Street, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Proposed 12-Storey Block of Flats at Ogun State Liasion Office, Bishop Oluwole Street, Vuctorial Island, Lagos.
  • 7-Storey Head Office Building (NECA House) for the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association at CBD, Alausa, Ikeja.
  • School Chapel Building at CMS Grammar School, Bariga.
  • Block of Kitchen, Clinic and Mini Flats at CMS Grammar School, Bariga.
  • Block of No.2-Bedroom Staff Quarters at CMS Grammar School, Bariga.

Professional Qualification and Memberships

  • Member of Institution of Civil Engineers, MICE: (1971)
  • Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, MNSE: (1976)
  • COREN registered Engineer, ENGR: (1977)
  • Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, FNSE: (1987)
  • Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers FNIStructE (1997)
  • Vice President, Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers (2004-2006), (2007-2009)
  • Deputy Pesident, Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers (2009-2011)
  • President, Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers (2011-2015)

Technical Publications                            

  • How to Prevent Incidents of Collapsed Buildings: Published in the Journal of the Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers: Vol. 2, Oct. Nov. 2002
  • Preserving the Success in Structural Engineering through Mass Education: A Paper presented at the Year 2002 International Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers.

Church Recognitions

  • Baba-IsaleIjo (Patron). African Bethel Church, Ikorodu (1992)
  • Chairman, Building Committee of African Bethel Church Cathedral, Ikorodu









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