Text of Hon. Babajimi AdegokeBenson, Member, Federal House of representtaive’s Address at His First Town Hall Meeting Tagged, “The Journey So Far: One Year After”, Held On Thursday, June2nd, 2016 @ Regal Hall, Olu-Odo, Ikorodu.


Hon Babajimi Benson delivering his stewardship of account at his First Town Hall Meeting in Ikorodu



Have the fear the of God

Be honest in all you do

Set a focus for yourself and pursue it

Ensure you put a smile on someones face


These words have been my mantra and have guided me in all I do in striving for excellence and my service to humanity; these words where drummed into my ears by my father, Late Mr. Babasola Adeyemi Shobowale Benson.



My sincere appreciation goes to Almighty God for the grace to serve. I owe a lot to my wife, for supporting my dreams, my family, my iCare Foundation team and Volunteers. We requested for 2000 Volunteers and we surprisingly got 25, 000 as long as we have such people and as long as we have such a spirit and dedication, the future of this division is secured, in the grace of God and our collective determination. I thank the entire people of Ikorodu Federal Constituency for giving me the opportunity to serve them and supporting the journey so far. The event here today is not to bore you with what I have done in the past one year, but to inform you about what I intend to do in the future starting from now. The country is going through trying times and this obviously has impacted on the ability of Lagos State and the Federal Government to deliver some of the promises expected of the government.  You elected me and the APC government both at the State and Federal level because you believed in our competency and capabilities.


As a Political Party, our capabilities and Competences are the things that have kept us going despite all the odds. I cannot stand before you to give excuses; that is why I am here to lay out my plans for Ikorodu in the years to come. My plan for Ikorodu Federal Constituency going forward are Education, Employment, Health, Infrastructure, Poverty Alleviation and Sports, without leaving out the primary aim of the mandate given to me which is to drive legislations that will be beneficial to Ikorodu Federal Constituency. The projects that I am about to lay out here today, are just a tip of the iceberg of projects that I have in stock for residents in Ikorodu Federal Constituency. My foundation (iCARE Foundation) which is made up of a dynamic team will keep coming up with other projects which will positively impact on the people.



My election into office wouldn’t have been possible without the massive participation of Women and in the last one year and i have tried to show my immense appreciation to the women folks.  In them, I find unflinching support and loyalty.  I am always at home when amongst them and they always embrace me with open arms as well. God in Hisinfinite mercy would always protect and provide for you all.


In the next few months my wife would launch the iCARE Food Bank to provide food rations for some of our vulnerable women folks.  Eligibility would be based on need and some other criteria.


Women Appreciation Day will be to thank women in our constituency who have worked tirelessly from the beginning to this very moment to sustain the projects we have today.


I would also work with women groups to provide them access to funds both from State Government and the Federal Government.


Hon. Benson (2nd left), the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, (in blue agbada, 3rd left), Ranodu of Imota, Oba Ajibade Agoro (3rd right), Olubeshe of Ibeshe, Oba Richard Ogunsanya (2nd right), Hourable Commissioner for Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives, Prince Rotimi Ogunleye (right) and Obateru of Egbinland, Oba Akeem Oriyomi at the First Hon. Babajimi Benson Town Hall Meeting in Ikorodu




We will be rolling out a Health Insurance initiative to complement the Lagos State Government’s efforts in providing qualitative health care for our citizens.  I have partnered with Avon HealthCare, an HMO to provide health insurance for about 500 people in Ikorodu Federal Constituency. Our constituency office is daily inundated with several calls from individuals that have health related issues but with no money to take care of their medical bills.  Our HMO program shall register qualified individuals and give them free access to health care from about 5 different clinics in Ikorodu division. Our HMO Partners, Avon Health Care will evaluate all potential recipients and make health care available to those deemed qualified.


I have commenced work on the abandoned Igbogbo Federal Health Center by sending available paperwork and photographs of the proposed site to the appropriate authorities.  I will also be working with the Federal Ministry of Health to facilitate the building of a modern Federal Medical Center in Ikorodu Division.


Breast Cancer Screening will be repeated this year so that those who missed it last year would have the opportunity to get it done.



In the coming months, the iCARE foundation would start a bursary program for Ikorodu Division Students in tertiary institution.  It will give out N20,000 each to 100 qualified students from the division. This is to align with the Lagos State Government bursary program and to help our teeming student populations in tertiary institutions.


The iCARE Academic Honour Roll program will commence in October 2016. The initiative is to identify and reward outstanding secondary school students within the division. It is hoped that this move will encourage students in Ikorodu federal constituency to put more efforts in their academics.


Our Back to School project is continuing and I will strive to make sure that it is sustained and impactful across the division.


Director-General, Icare Movement of Hon. Benson, Mayor Deen Sanwoola with Hon. Benson during the interactive session at the First Hon. Babajimi Benson town Hall Meeting in Ikorodu.



To complement the efforts of the LGA/LCDAs, the iCare Foundation has purchased a Caterpillar Grader and Roller which has commenced grading works on some inner roads within Ikorodu Federal constituency. The Community Development Associations (C.D.A) of all our local Government and Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) have been advised to schedule dates for their usage through the available platform.



We have resolved to continue the APC Ward Chairman’s Cup. The 2016 edition is slated for July and Ward Chairmen have been asked to start putting their teams together. Our last year’s champion Ward E3 Erikorodo in Ikorodu North will be defending the cup against 29 other wards in the division. Can the Ward Chairman for Ward E3 Stand up for recognition please? This year we will be including the Arewa team and Ndigbo team to make up 32 teams.


Poverty Alleviation

We will continue our poverty alleviation program which has benefited some of our constituents. We will also work with our artisans and ensure that we provide them with the tools of their trades like we did for the Vulganizers.



Come July, our first set of graduates will be graduating from our #StartupIkorodu  ASAP (Accelerated Skills Acquisition Program). These students are being trained in various vocations which they have demonstrated aptitude for.  This helps prevent dropout rates amongst the students. #StartupIkorodu is laying a foundation for an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ikorodu Division by providing an enabling environment for business to thrive. We have also developed a database for the unemployed graduates in the division whereby employers of labour can view and source their C.Vs for possible employment.


I have earned your political capital and I intend to spend it well. I will work assiduously to make sure that our constituency’s needs are met by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  I will also work with Ikorodu Apex Leaders ably lead by the indefatigable former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Abiodun Ogunleye, Honourable Agunbiade, Solaja, Rotimi Ogunleye and Hon. Bimpe Adeshola and our six Executive Secretaries to ensure that the state government fulfills all its campaign promises to us. I am going to need your support and trust in order for me to accomplish all my programs.  And kindly help explain to people that could not be here today that I would love to have everyone here but due to reasons explained by my Director General.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lagos State Government is focused on Ikorodu’s development and the least we can do to show our appreciation is to go out enmasse and vote for our party APC in the coming local government elections.


I will like to leave you with these saying by the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirate, Sheik Mohammed Bin

Rashid that says “government should not be an authority over the people but should exist to serve the people.”  Personally, I view every resident of Ikorodu  Division,  as a resource,  building this division should not be shouldered by the political representatives/ appointees alone but it is rather the duty of every residents of the division.



Thank you all for coming and I wish you safe journey back home.


Babajimi Benson, MHR


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