Tension in Lagos as gunmen invade communities kill scores

– Scores have been feared dead following a deadly clash in some communities in Lagos
– Some unknown gunmen allegedly invaded Ikorodu communities, killing many
– Two communities, Elegbete and Igbolomu were hit severely by the gunmen
– The reportedly raided a school during their attack
– Police say the number of casualty recorded is exaggerated

Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, Governor of Lagos State

Sources reveal that the gunmen struck their worst hit in areas like Elegbete and Igbolomu communities on Monday, June 20 between 9.00am and 10.00am robbing from one house to the other .
As sound of gunshots pervaded the communities schools and businesses were hurriedly shut by their owners to avert being caught in the invasion.

A resident in Igbolomu wo gave his name as Uduimoh Ipeakhai, said streets in the areas were now deserted as people fled home, adding that schools, shops, markets and other businesses centres in the areas were now like ghost town as people deserted them.

Leadership reports that parents were said to have hurriedly ran to schools to take their children home while the police and army tried to restore some tranquility in the area.

An eye witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity said the militants invaded a school in the area, but allowed the children to go unhurt, warning them not to return to school again.

Residents fleeing Elegbete area said they are doing so because they do not know when the militants would launch another attack. The fleeing residents were seen carrying their loads, mattresses.

Although unconfirmed source had it that 13 people were killed in the attack by the militants who gained access through the creeks and water bodies in Ikorodu.
Police source told journalists that the attack was allegedly carried out by the Ijaw boys. who invaded the area, saying the commissioner of police had deployed large number of mobile policemen to the area to maintain peace.
It was learnt that three Armoured Personnel Carriers, APC, have been deployed to the troubled area as military men and the police were seen with guns patrolling the area.
Confirming the attack, police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos said everything was now in control.
According to Badmos, the police authority had deployed well armed policemen to maintain peace in the area, adding that the army had also been deployed to the area to prevent further crisis.

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