Calm returns to Lagos communities after weeklong killings

CP Fatai Owoseni

CP Fatai Owoseni

Relative calm has returned to communities around Igbo Olomu-Agbede axis,at the border between Ogun and Lagos states following two bloody attacks by  suspected Ijaw militants during the week.

But fear of renewed attacks still hang in the air with residents saying security arrangement in place is not strong enough.

Security chiefs however said there is nothing for the people to fear.

“We are also working round the clock to stop the perpetrators from further terrorizing the people of these communities,” Lagos Commissioner of Police Fatai Owoseni, said.

Residents said 10 were killed in the first attack although the police said only two died.

Hundreds of others have fled their homes in the aftermath of the invasion of the communities by gun wielding youths who came in speed boats on waterways.

Affected communities include Igbo Olomu, Oke Muti, Elepete, Ajegunle, Imaamuola, Magbon, Pakisa, Ereko and Agbede.

Most of the villages remained deserted yesterday on account of the mayhem.

“The situation is better than it was but we are still of the opinion that something more can be done about the security arrangement,” Gbade Oguntade, a Community Development Association (CDA) executive in Igbo Olomu, told The Nation yesterday.

He added: “What we have here are soldiers and policemen on patrol. They go and come at intervals.

“What we are asking for is a permanent security post to protect us from these killer gangs.

“They come without warning. They come in their speed boats through the waterways and unleash mayhem before speeding off again.”

Security men were sighted conducting stop and search operations in the area.

Operational vehicles of outfits like the Rapid Response Force (RRS), OP MESA and the Nigerian Army were also seen across the communities.

All major roads leading into each community were cordoned off by security men.

Owoseni said the militants usually use the cover of darkness to launch attack on the people.

“We are aware of their antics. They hide under the cover of darkness to attack the areas.

“We have therefore ordered a 24 hour surveillance of the communities. We are also working seriously to get to the root of the attacks and curtail them,” he said.

Representative Babajimi Benson (Ikorodu) said all hands were on the deck to “ensure that life and property are adequately protected.

Benson said he had been assured by the Police Commissioner and the Commander of the RRS that troops would further be deployed to strengthen the current security arrangement in the axis.

-The Nation

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