Lack of Environmental Officials Prevents Sanitation Enforcement

Akeem Agunbiade (trainee) & Wale jagun

Members of the Ikorodu Ambassadors Group during a community service

Members of the Ikorodu Ambassadors Group during a community service in Ikorodu (File picture)

It has been revealed that shortage of enforcement officials has been the bane of environmental sanitation enforcement. A senior official of Lagos State sanitation enforcement agency, Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) has revealed.

Speaking with THE IMPACT during the June sanitation exercise, the official stated that shortage of personnel is hampering the effectiveness of the agency in Ikorodu especially during the monthly sanitation exercise.

THE IMPACT reporter went to town to observe the level of compliant which is rapidly reducing due to lack of enforcement. Our reporter visited Grammar School, Ota-Ona, Ladega, Aga, Ikorodu-Igbogbo Road, Anibaba areas in Ikorodu where it was observed that the level of turn-out was very low.

“The attitudes of Ikorodu residents to the monthly sanitation are becoming low and low at every exercise and there is urgent need by the government to redress this through enough publicity. We have been trying to enforce the law concerning sanitation but we have been hampered by the shortage of manpower. If there is enough manpower, we will be able to effectively cover Ikorodu” the senior KAI official stated.

Our reporter later visited Sabo where he witnessed sellers’ resistance around Sabo market behind NIPCO (popularly known as Ile-Epo OBA) filling station when the KAI officers tried to enforce the sanitation law. Some passersby also intervened to prevent what they called an act of lawlessness on the part of the enforcement officials but they stood their ground.

Explaining why they have to carry out the action, Mr Yekinni Adeshina, the KAI Area Commander, stated that prior to the exercise, several warnings were issued to the sellers against turning the place into shanties and also on the need to observe sanitation but all were to no avail.

“It is our duty to enforce government law, and orders and in trying to this, we usually give warnings and also educate residents on the need for them to comply. And people must know that their failure to comply will always attract enforcement and penalties and as enforcement officers it is our duty to ensure sanity in the area of environmental sanitation” The Area Commander explained to the residents.

Aside the lack of enforcement officials, THE IMPACT observed that the incessant calling-off of sanitation exercise due to examinations and other activities is equally accounted for lack of response by the residents.

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