Give Back To Your Father Land Before It’s Too Late, Hon. Agunbaide TellS Ikorodu in Diaspora


Hon. Agunbiade explaining a point on set during the programme to the Ikorodu Oga Radio Online CEO/anchor, Omoba Peju Akinyemi

The Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly and representative, Ikorodu Constitution I, Hon. Sanai Oyeniran Bolanle Agunbiade has enjoined people from Ikorodu Division of Lagos State in Diaspora to give back to the society that produced them by investing in Ikorodu.


The three term lawmaker made this appeal during his appearance on online radio programme, ‘Issues in Ikorodu’ on the Ikorodu Oga Radio Online on Wednesday, July 13, 2016, at the station’s Ipakodo office in Ikorodu.


Chief Executive Officer, Ikorodu Oga Online/anchor, Omoba Peju Akinyemi engaged Hon. Agunbiade on issues ranging from his foray into politics, benefits of his three-term as a lawmaker, eruption of violence in Ikorodu in recent time, Ajagungbale, banning of street trading and the Nigerian economic down turn among others.


THE IMPACT Newspaper publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, Kunle Adelabu monitored the programme live in the Ikorodu Oga Radio Online studio.


Noting that Ikorodu was fast developing and becoming more important, Hon Agunbiade maintained that the government thas shift her attention to remote areas and Ikorodu in particular in terms of provisions of social amenities to add value to standard of living in the axis.


“I want to advice my fellow Ikorodu people in Diaspora to  come back home and invest before it’s too late. They should not be brainwashed that to get landed properties free of crisis and intimidation is impossible”


“Despite our sorry state regarding landed properties, I’m certain that they can still get properties free of any trouble. They only need to make good enquiry from right source. This is the time for them to return home and invest for the future”


Speaking on his forthcoming feed back programme schedule to hold on Wednesday, July 20, at the Ikorodu Town Hall, Hon. Agunbiade explained that he initiated the Programme to inform his constituents on his legislative and oversight functions, activities of the government and to listen to residents of his Constituency.


“What I’m planning is a feedback programme and not Town Hall meeting, and it is holding at the Ikorodu Town Hall. My feedback forum is to create an interactive session with my constituents by reporting my activities in the last one year, listen to their complaints and needs from the government”, he stressed


“What we doing in Lagos State is that Lagos State House of Assembly organizes Town Hall Meeting while a lawmaker in the Assembly is saddled with the responsibility of organizing a feedback programme in his Constituency”


“Another Town Hall meeting organized by the Lagos State House of Assembly would be coming up soon simultaneously in the 40 constituencies across Lagos State”, he said.

Hon Agunbiade explained that the feedback would provides a platform to discuss achievements recorded so far.


“On July 20 when I will be discussing with the people who I represents, the forum would be a platform to interact with people and telling them all I have been able to do in the last one year and this would be a yearly thing so that the constituent can appraisemy activities on a yearly basis. Through this forum, I will alsolisten to their views on several issues most especially on their requests from the government”


On his third term mandate, the lawmaker said it was God’s doing.


“I really do not know how it happened but I thank God for everything. It is an acknowledgement of the trust that leaders and the generality of my party and people reposed in me. My third term in office is beyond any personal ambition and benefits, because I considered myself an activist in politics and not a regular politician. My days are always booked and I have devoted my entire time for the service of my people, Lagos State and humanity in general”


Reacting to the recent outbreak of violence especially in this part of Lagos, the Majority Leader of Lagos State Assembly attributed the violence to greed and selfishness on the part of some individuals.



R-L, Ikorodu Oga Radio CEO, Omoba Akinyemi, Hon. Agunbiade’s aide, Duchess Abike Allison, Hon. Agunbiade, the head of Hon. Agunbiade’s chamber, Barr. Olumide Oyedepo and Ikorodu radio crew members

“Unfair nature of some of our people who are culpable of forcefully converting the commonwealth and inheritance of a particular family to themselves at the detriment of the larger family and the other party, rather than go to court for judicial arbitration take recourse to inviting Ajagungbales and at the end, the Ajagungbales will take over their lands and leaving little or nothing for the real owners is responsible for the land related violence in Ikorodu division.”


“We must blame the land owing families before blaming the Ajagungbales and I’m afraid that a time is coming when indigenes will have to be buying their own lands from these Ajagungbales. To avoid this, our leaders need to speak up and act to prevent this”


Hon Agunbiade noted that the government is doing everything to address these criminalities, wrong doings and uncivilized acts of some people but “you cannot overrule the nature of some people to circumvent the law.”


He said, “The government is trying to deemphasize the result to self-help, promulgate enabling laws and encourage quick dispensation of justice in courts. The governmentt is also trying to create recreational centres for our restive youths so as to engage them when they are not doing anything because the landgrabbing issue has degenerated into fueling cult issues with which the restive youths now engage themselves in.

On how the government is tackling the recent resurgence in cult cases across the state “Hon Agunbiade explained further that “The Lagos State law on cultism was narrow in scope because when it was promulgated, the focus was cultism on campuses in Lagos but now that we now have cult crisis in our environment being perpetuated by those that have not even been to any higher institution, we are now looking into it for the purpose of amending it”


Lending his voice on the proposed 4th M ainland Bridge,the legislator maintained that the bridge would bring about a rapid Socio Economic activities.


”I plan inviting the Lagos State Commissioner for Works to the town hall to address the people on the route of 4th Mainland Bridge especially as it will affects our people in Ikorodu, what Ikorodu stands to benefit and other plans in term of infrastructural development in the town. The government means well for Ikorodu and entire Lagos State”


The Majority Leader also spoke on the healthy relation among the three arms of government in Lagos State, the dissolution of Local Government Caretaker Committee and ban on street hawking, local government elections and the government of President Buhari.


“The healthy relationship between the executive, judiciary and legislature in the State is due to the understanding of the three arms of their constitutional roles and the full awareness of not encroaching on the other, yet we also appreciate the interdependence of the arms”


“The Assembly in Lagos did not dissolve the caretaker committee, but made a resolution and recommended the dissolution of the committee to the governor on many grounds.  The committee was put in place for certain period of time and it has overstayed its time, we also found out that most of the members were no longer discharging their primary responsibilities rather using the council resources to kick-start their campaigns at the detriment of other aspirants. These among other factors accounted for the house resolution and the governor sees reasons in that”


On the local government election, the lawmaker assured the populace that  Lagos State government meant well and that the much expected elections would be held soon. He added that the ward delineation which the law stipulates should be reviewed every ten years is getting the attention of the government and that in readiness for the election, the Lagos State Independent Electoral Committee (LASIEC)has been reconstituted.


Another topic the lawmaker responded to was the recent ban on street hawking by the governor due to the Maryland incident where an hawker lost his life while trying to evade arrest by running ran into a truck belonging to a bottling company.


“The law banning street hawking has been in existence and not that Governor Ambode just made the policy. It is a law and what he(the governor)  did was that he only reminded the public of the existence of the law. The Maryland incident only accentuated the situation. The KAI officials have been enforcing the law before the incident because the law is not new”, he stressed


“It is the duty of the government to regulate activities within the environment, ensure that the hawkers most of whom were supposed to be in school were actually in schools and safeguard the lives and properties of the people”


On Buhari’s government and perception of a section of the country that the government is not doing enough to addressing the current economic downturn, Hon. Agunbiade implored Nigerians to be patient with the present administration.


“Nigerians should be patient with the Federal government because the mess caused by the former government will take time to be clean. We cannot run the economy without money and the bulk of our money has been stolen by the previous administration. There is need to recover those loots and that is what President Buhari is doing. Can we run any economy without money? He asked.






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