Introducing THE IMPACT Square online


Square in African setting is the congregation of people within a particular community to do/achieve a common interest i.e deliberates on problems/challenges facing a society, pass judgment on or take a course of action. Invariably, it is a medium for decision-making for the people within a geographical area with common interest. This could also be to achieve socio-cultural ends I.e. entertainment.

Because of the participatory nature of the setting and the importance, THE IMPACT Newspaper has resolved to introduce a forum/platform for its target audience i.e. residents of IKORODU DIVISION (Ikorodu, Ipakodo, Igbogbo, Ijede, Isiu, Owutu, Agbede and Imota among others), to interact, advance opinions/views and if possible reach a consensus on issues that affects the generality of the division.

To make it participatory and all-encompassing, residents are allowed to determine and dictate WHAT THE ISSUE IS/WHAT TO DISCUSS, by this, you can suggest a particular topic either affecting your community (which could be any area of Ikorodu Division or issue(s) affecting the entire division).

Ours role as the platform providing the opportunity is to MODERATE and also PARTICIPATE and use the outcome(s) as news stories, editorial, column etc and also to bring attention of necessary authority to these issues with the aim of FINDING SOLUTION where necessary.

On this page, we shall also be working towards bringing the contributions/views and positions of our representatives, traditional rulers/chiefs, religious and opinion leaders on every issue.

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