The following are FAQs about ‪#‎BringBackTheEighties‬ this week.

Bring Back The 80s 2

Organizers of the #BringBackTheEighties reacted to some of your question. Excerpts:

1. Good afternoon, what is #BringBackTheEighties all about?
LC: Thanks for the inquiry. #BringBackTheEighties is a strictly old school Gig for men and women who wish to relish memories of their youthful days. The idea is to simply bring matured men and women (hence the age restriction) to party like they did in the 80s and 90s though with an infusion of modern paparrazi like the red carpet show, pop-up request, celebrities tables, etc.

2. What is the age range of attendees?
LC: Strictly 20+

3. Hello Lanre, is there a dress code for the event?
LC: Yes, dear. We shall explore the classic old school fashion of the oldies. The Fela pants, the boogy boots, the olekus, the afro style.. name it dear. Strictly old school fashion! Oma ta Lenu Gan!

4. The fear of Ikorodu cultists stopped me from coming close to that lounge (HL) all through my stay at Laspotech. What is the security situation of the event?
LC: I may not say Laspotech is totally free of cultists but I will say how do u feel in a environment guarded by 3 different units of OP Messa when each unit consists of 5 fully-armed soldiers ably supported by anti-riot squard of the NPF and finally complimenting it with our local bred, ‘devil-dreaded’ ONYABO squad. My dear, Boko Haram had better be careful in this kinda venue. Maximum Security Assured!

5. How do we attend?
LC: Tickets details will be updated soon. We are negotiating with different outlets in Ikorodu where tickets will be sold for easy accessibility.


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