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Why is Crisis Rampant in Ikorodu Recently? What Are The Ways Out?


Ikorodus are naturally enterprising, sociable and culturally-inclined and the people have been living peacefully and in harmony for many decades until recently when violence was introduced into the system.

The dangerous dimension of cultism which has been troubling the division for some years seems unending with many lives wasted and unimaginable destruction. The negative impact of Ajagungbales is another challenging issue facing Ikorodu also with its attendant deaths and destruction. Late last year and early this year, the community also contended with cases of kidnaps and ritual killings with the case of the Barbington Macaulay Seminary school still very fresh in people’s minds.

The question is thus, at what point was violence introduce into Ikorodu culture? What are the causes of this violence? Who are the perpetrators? Who are those aiding, supporting and backing the perpetrators? What are the roles of conventional (police and other constitutionally recognized security arms) i.e. police, army etc and unconventional (those created through the need of the society) i.e. Onyabo, Yago, Vigilante etc? What should be the role(s) of the individuals and finally, the role of the government?

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