Militants’ attacks: Lagos residents put up houses, lands for sale

-hospitals, hotels shut

-Navy storms creeks
-Panic uncalled for –PPRO



Some residents of riverside communities in Lagos State are selling off their lands and houses in fear following attacks by suspected Niger Delta militants in the areas, Saturday PUNCH has learnt.

In the first week following the last attack by militants in Igbo-Olomu and Isawo areas of Ikorodu, residents fled hurriedly to avoid being killed.

But during a visit to the communities, our correspondents learnt that the residents had gone beyond fleeing the troubled communities to selling their houses, lands and other properties in panic.

The panic sale was confirmed by the head of the Olomu family, the main landowner in Igbo Olomu.

A real estate agent, Ojo Alaso, told one of our correspondents that he had been approached by at least three people, whom he had helped to buy lands in the areas.

Alaso said, “I cannot blame them, all the things happening here are enough to scare anyone.

“Honestly, I know this problem will be addressed one day, but people have become so scared of the attacks that they are having a rethink about living here…




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