Children, Family Remember Chief Samuel Ishola Anibaba 20 Years After, Inject Life Into Estate


Twentieth anniversary of the death and remembrance of Late Chief Samuel Ishola O. Anibaba, popularly called “Baba Oriwu” and “S.I.O” while alive aptly captured Thomas Campbell’s immortal statement, “To live in hearts we live behind is not to die”

To significantly marked the anniversary, the children and family of the highly disciplined and religious man injected life back into his once flourished estate which was a Mecca of sort to friends, families and others seeking one assistance or the other, while the late petrol dealer, renowned transporter, poultry farmer, instrumentalist and philanthropist was alive.

He was also the former Chairman, African Bethel Cathedral Church, Ikorodu Building Committee, whose effort and commitment raised the imposing structure of the Cathedral from ground zero to a very significant state before he passed away.


A befitting final resting place for late Chief Anibaba

Late (Chief) Anibaba while alive was a business mogul who enjoyed classical music which explains why he keeps some musical instruments at home especially organ in his large sitting at Anibaba estate (White House) along Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikorodu.

As socialite and typical Ikorodu man, late Anibaba while alive was a major patron of Juju Miliki exponent, Evangelist (Commander) Ebenezer Obey, whom he always invited to entertain his guests at all his functions which usually held at his estate in Ikorodu.

He was the first indigenous petrol station owner in Ikorodu, Texaco at Ikorodu garage roundabout.


Chief Anibaba‘s remains had been interred here for 20years.

By injecting life back into the estate which is filled with great memories, the children and family have given meaning to the immortal statement, Marcus Tullius Cicero which states, “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.

It is equally hopeful that the Ikorodu community would also remember to honour the late businessman, industrialist and socialite who contributed greatly to the development of Ikorodu before he answered the final call..


The new look of late Chief S.I.O. Anibaba’s estate along Awolowo way, Ikorodu.



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