I’m Only Musically Compatible With Flavour, says Chidinma

Ikorodu-based artiste Chidinma Ekile was ‘cornered’ in her Church in Ikorodu by our reporter, Boluwatife Hassan. The ever-polite and charismatic singer bared her mind on various issues ranging from her sojourn at MTN Project fame that threw her into limelight, relationship with Dancehall artiste, Flavour, mistakes in not taken the false sex video seriously to her future plans. Excerpts:




THE IMPACT: Can we meet you ma?
CHIDINMA: My name is Chidinma Ekile, a song writer and musician. I won MTN project fame Season 3.
THE IMPACT: Tell us briefly about your background?
CHIDINMA: I was born in Lagos and grew up with both parents. I am the sixth of seven children. I grew up in Ketu precisely, so I can say I am partly a Yoruba lady (laugh)but I am from Imo State. My schooling and everything were there before the whole project fame story.
THE IMPACT: Tell us about the project fame story?
CHIDINMA: Hmm, I had been following the show from the first season, so I just thought I could be a part of it not to compete but just to have an experience because I hadn`t done anything professional. So, I felt it was an opportunity and also to meet other musicians.
THE IMPACT: What was the feeling like when you were pronounced the winner?
CHIDINMA: Maybe because I didn`t intend going into it to win. That may have accounted for the reason I did not jubilate when I was announced the winner. I didn`t really jubilate.  Though, I was really excited but then, I am a type of person that contains her emotions easily. Some people were even saying I knew I would win, that was why I didn`t jubilate but I thank God all the same.

THE IMPACT: Apart music, what else do you do?
CHIDINMA:I love broadcasting .Even before project fame, I used to stay in front of the mirror to read newspapers on my own. I have done a couple of stuffs with MTV base and I am still into it.
THE IMPACT: What is your favourite food?
Uhmm, I love Amala.
What inspires your style?
CHIDINMA: My style is very simple and comfortable and I don`t follow the crowd in wearing trending stuffs. I won`t wear anything I am not comfortable with.
THE IMPACT: How do you relax?



CHIDINMA: I relax at home. I don’t hangout.
THE IMPACT: Let`s drift back a bit, what about tertiary education?
CHIDINMA:I am done with that. I studied Sociology in UNILAG for a while but it was very stressful, so I finished online.
THE IMPACT: What was your most embarrassing moment so for you as a celebrity?
CHIDINMA: That was at an airport when a guy ran towards me to hug me and I tripped on my heels(laugh) and we both ended up on the floor.
THE IMPACT: So, let`s talk about the “sex tape” released in your name?
CHIDINMA: Hmm, I was actually at home that day on an evening when I saw something of sort on my twitter’s timeline and I felt it was one of those things. I didn`t pay attention to it which was my biggest mistake and before I woke up the next morning(laugh), the news was all over the place. I was so sad and scared because I thought that would be the end of me but the encouragement I had was from those who believed I wasn`t the one. Supports from family, friends, fans and even non-fans was massive.
THE IMPACT: Are you into any relationship?
CHIDINMA: No, not at all.
THE IMPACT: Tell us your type of guy.
CHIDINMA:(laugh)Let me say God’s will  is my type of guy (general laughter).
THE IMPACT: Okay, who is your celebrity crush?
CHIDINMA: No one actually.
THE IMPACT: What is the authenticity of the rumours between you and Flavour?
CHIDINMA: (laugh)We are just musically compatible. We enjoy doing music together. I don`t even know where the chemistry came from. Before we did ‘Oh Baby’, I hadn`t met him and only watch him on Television then. We met in a studio and that was it. From there, we just made lot of music together. He understands my vocal ability and I understand his, so we just kind of complement each other.
THE IMPACT: Tell us about your first relationship?
CHIDINMA: I have never had any relationship.
THE IMPACT: Why have you been silent musically for a while?



CHIDINMA: I think the last music I put out was with Flavour which was ‘Mama’ around March and it is a long time now. As you all know I am not more with my label(Capital hills) so, right now I am pretty much on my own and I have been working but the thing is that I want to put out the right stuff. I am taking my time and I don`t want anybody to help me speed up my pace.
THE IMPACT: Any immediate plan?
CHIDINMA: This is September, I will be dropping stuffs and collaborations will follow for sure.
THE IMPACT: So, what is your advice for upcoming acts?
CHIDINMA: Actually, entertainment is broad, so it doesn`t have to be music, but the first thing is to be sure of what you want to do. You must love what you do and try to be the best at what you do. You should also know what is going on in the industry and try to learn new things. I will want to add that rehearsal is key as practice makes perfection and above all, trust God.
THE IMPACT: Thank you very much for your time.
CHIDINMA: You are welcome.
THE IMPACT: Hope if we need your attention next time you will grant us?
CHIDINMA: Definitely!!



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