By Olubode Mac. Oserinde


Indeed oceans of tributes have been flying thick and fast since midnight for this very great son of Ikorodu soil. But how much felicitations would be enough for a man whose good works shouts above the mountains? Don’t test me but trust me, there’s none!


My first physical encounter with this man was in year 2015, though we had at one time or the other exchanged text messages, but my physical contact with this man in year 2015 has a ripple effect on my life, vision and all around me which shall be celebrated in no distant time.


Before my direct contact with this pacesetter (I refer to him as one because of the indelible mark his foray into the social/entertainment industry of Ikorodu division has made till date), there had been different tales told of him. From hard to please to difficult to deal with down to being ”pompous.” And trust yours truly, that was enough turn off for me, hence putting off several opportunities that my initial contact with him (if established earlier) would have created for myself and many others through my humble self.


I remember vividly that so deep was my disdain for this man (who did not even know if I existed then) that when there were occasions that required his identification with our projects then, I used to avoid calling or contacting him; instead, I’d ask one of my team members to handle such communication which oftentimes yielded some unutilised results. All because of dispassion influenced by fabricated stories emanating from pit-hole of ‘beefers’!


Finally, fate brought us together in 2015 when yours truly was working on the fourth edition of our annual grassroots talents exposition. My experience with Mayor Deen Sanwoola during that period and afterwards I will leave as story for another. But notable amongst the remarkable things this man did to change my orientation and mindset about JUDGING PEOPLE YOU’VE NEVER HAD CAUSE TO MEET OR DEAL DIRECTLY WITH (but based on hearsay or rumour) was, I learnt that he is Candid, Godly, effervescent, generous and charming. I also learnt the lesson of never to judge people from a distance again.


In my everyday interaction with him and more positive-minded people, I realised that Mayor Deen’s life offers great lesson for all because it defangs too many of the prejudices and stereotypes that unfairly holds ambitious youth back. Warm, Gregarious, Modest yet Stylish, Brilliant, Professional, Generous, Gentle yet tough and A goal getter succinctly describes this unusual gift to Nigerian youth.


My first visit to the abode of this man whose Midas touch has positively affected both the political and social (entertainments) landscape of Ikorodu is yet another treatise I’ll love to leave for another day. Honestly, the humility and modest lifestyle of this well-travelled man is one worthy of been served as case-study for youth in this our clime. He is indeed a leader worthy of emulation.


Mayor Deen is an astute businessman, creative corporate player, grassroots political builder who doesn’t feel threatened by the success of others. An intellectual whose candour and perspectives on life have shifted my paradigms. A Giant who helps his peers and protégés rise so effortlessly.


He is an epitome of rare realism who out of his unfettered love for his hometown established the first ever global-standard amusement/recreation centre RIGHT IN in Ikorodu division and used that to influence dramatic changes in the entertainment sector of the division.


As the Director General of I-Care Foundation (an NGO founded by Hon. Babajimi Benson MHR), he steers the wheel of the vision-driven and pacesetting body in such ways that many lives within and outside Ikorodu division have been positively touched.


The Dean of Business Mentoring is a sobriquet I silently gave him during the incubation programmes for START UP Incubation programme (a business training hub meant to prepare youth to be business-minded and enable them benefit from the Lagos State Govt’s Employment Trust Fund).


Deen, not without his failings as human being, he is without doubt an encyclopaedia of knowledge worthy to be latch on by any youth aspiring for greatness.


His humane and generous side of him leaves me at times gasping for breath and wondering on how well this Ikorodu division would have developed in a fast pace if we had more of his likes who gives their best not only financially but morally and sacrificially just to ensure the success of others. Trust me, you don’t have to know ANYBODY before Deen gives you his attention, you need no referral. Just walk up to him, share with him your dream and vision, all you need is to have deep seated passion about the ideas inside of you (which I trust the maverick in him to identify), he sure will key into your vision. Once he does, the ride with him begins! That is Mayor Muyideen Sanwoola for you!


Bros, Baba (as I fondly call you), my simple prayer for you on this day that you clocked a year older is that which I usually pray for my dearly beloved like Emeka Oparah, Azuh Arinze, Prince Gbolahan, Engr. Akinuli, Mr. Kunle Bakare, SOK Shillings, Lara Wise-Owoeye, Ronnie Dikko, John Chukwu, George Kayode Noah, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, Tosin Dokpesi and host of others who have been deeply supportive of my vision…. MAY YOU LIVE LONG IN GOOD HEALTH AND WEALTH IN ABUNDANCE TO BE CELEBRATED BY YOUR CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN AND ALL WHOSE LIVES YOU POSITIVELY AFFECT.




Olubode Mac. Oserinde is the Founder/Director of Fanafillit Integrated Concept, the organizer of the Unleash Your Talents (UYT)



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