Our Target Is To Fully implement E-Learning At Kith & Kin Educational Schools – Asipa Kaoli Olusanya, Chief Learning Officer


Asipa Kaoli Olusanya, former Commissioner for Agriculture & Cooperatives, Lagos State and the Chief Learning Officer of the Kith & Kin Educational Schools (KKES), Owode, Ibeshe, during the school end of the year activities spoke with THE IMPACT team led by its Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, KUNLE ADELABU, on the effects of social activities of the school and the future plan. Excerpts:
THE IMPACT: Sir, one can see that your pupils and students are engaging themselves in one social activity or the other and its really fun out here. What is the event all about?
Asipa Kaoli: Its all about responding to the social, emotional and faculty development of the children. To develop children in all ramification, one has to respond to their needs. All you are seeing today is the manifestation of what they wanted, and we have put them into different committee and put some teachers in charge to motivate them. They were asked what they wanted and how would they really want it to look like. From our findings, they want fun, they want to play, they want to relax, they want to exhibit some talents which they have and they want to express that in different forms, and at the end of the year like this, as a school, we put all this together in the form of ‘End of the Year December Carnival’ for the children, to relax and showcase what they have, to exhibit and display them in form of dance, drama, play, games, and in other forms. You know to educate a child, the environment should not be too serious. It should be relaxed, and to make it conducive and enjoyable for the children. We want to create an environment whereby when a child wakes up in the morning, he or she will like to come to school, because the environment itself invites the child and its friendly to him/her. Every child has a voice in all the activities that is designed in the school. All you are seeing is a reflection of all that”.
THE IMPACT: Sir, I am very sure this is not the first edition. Over the years that you have been having this, what has been the effects on the students and the school?
Asipa Kaoli: At the end of each edition, they are already looking forward to another. This is because it is memorable, they enjoy it and it opens their minds to fellowership. To interact with them, to share ideas and to tell them you can bring the best to your own location, and this depends on how creative you are, you can make do of what you have and that is what you are seeing here. So the effect from the first edition to the third which we are experiencing today, is one; it contributes to the totality of the school environment, they are proud of their school and what they are able to create themselves, the contribution, the input they have in it because they see the result of their input. Some of them will be proud to say to themselves, ‘ooh I told the Chief (Chief Learning Officer) we wanted this, and it is there, I told him I wanted to do this and it is done’. It makes them in one way to have some fulfillment, even at their level. And that has been the effect and this has connection with learning, because it makes them to be like wow, saying to themselves ‘so I can do this’, that is the euphoria they carry to the classroom and that is what you see in their learning in classroom activities”.
THE IMPACT: What should your students and the prospective ones be looking forward to next session in Kith & Kin Schools?
Asipa Kaoli: Ooh great! For about three years now, we have been working on full implementation of e-learning facilities in school, we want to make the CBT more familiar with our students. The norm this days is e-learning. It is the standard today especially in examining the students. It is no more paper and biro, rather, you are provided with a screen and all the questions are there, and immediately after your exams, you get your result. There were some brilliant students who partake in e-examination and ended up failing because they were not used to computer operation. Such students have not been expose to the use of technology. By the grace of God, before the end of this session, we would have gone almost (90%) ninety-percent of implementation of the innovation. We have already commenced the implementation but by the end of next session we would have fully implemented e-learning in KKES. In other words, we would have created enough rooms that can take virtually (30%) thirty-percent of our student at a go to be at computer desk and be able to answer questions and get their result almost immediately. The idea is to make them more familiar with the current technology all over the world, that’s the new thing we are working on.

THE IMPACT interviewed some of the students and they shared their experiences about the end of the year carnival and the school generally.
Ogunwale Sharon – SS1

“Well, being a student of kith &Kin College is very nice. It’s a good and very disciplined school, and being a student here am very happy. This carnival is very good especially the one we did at Excellence Hall, so now that we are on the field we are just trying to have as much fun as we can have. I am having fun”
Joy Atemaga – SS1
“It’s interesting and nice. You know it can be somehow boring working all year round. I like Kith & Kin School and everything about It”
Sarah George – SS1

“Being a student of Kith & Kin is nice. When you school here, you won’t want to leave at all. I have been in this school since nursery classes, though, there are other challenges like the discipline, but the day-to-day activities are nice and the end of the year party is always fun. To me, this school is one of the best in Lagos state”
Jonathan Adepoju –SS1

“To be a student of Kith & Kin is fun and also challenging because we have challenging activities in the school, and the academics itself we have to strive hard. The social gathering is all about fun, and I am having fun”
Agunbiade Zainab – JSS2

“It is actually fun today, and to be a student of KKES is great. Fine, you get your ups and downs but at the end of the year, you get time to celebrate and party with your friends and family. This social gathering is interesting, you get to dance, freestyle, do whatever you like which you don’t do on a normal day. I really think next year should be better than this”
Tomiloju Omole – JSS2

“My experience as a Kith & Kin student is a good one. Here, we do all kinds of activities, you learn more stuff, and what I learn today in the Christmas Carnival is to always have fun.”


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