My Dad Encouraged My Music Act – Waskidoli

In THE IMPACT quest to provide a platform for the young and aspiring Ikorodu youths to make their voices to be heard and showcasing talents, the Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, KUNLE ADELABU, recently interviewed Master Durojaiye Adeshina Wasiu, an upcoming music act, popularly known and called ‘Waskidoli’ by his teeming fans. He bore his mind on his sojourn into music, motivation, education and future plans. Excerpts:


Durojaiye Adeshina Wasiu popularly called ‘Waskidoli’

THE IMPACT: Welcome to THE IMPACT. Pleas, tell us about ‘Waskidoli’?
Waskidoli: That’s a very big name. My real name is Durojaye Adeshina Wasiu, though, my friends and fans called me Waskid before but I told them that I’m different from people and I don’t copy other people. I derived Waskidoli from the Street experience and sometime, my fans call me Dollirap because I’m at home with rap music and can flow ceaselessly with it. So, I derived Waskidoli and Dollirap on the street.
THE IMPACT: Can you please tell us where you were from?
Waskidoli: I am an indigene of ikorodu. Born and bread in Ikorodu. This is my town and I’m used to it and run things with my guys. You know, Omo street niwa (we are street boys). My father is Durojaye Lateef, while my mother is Gbemisola Akinfalana. I am a complete Ikorodu boy.
THE IMPACT: What’s your educational background?
Waskidoli: I was a student of the Lagos State University (LASU) but due to the inability to raise my school fees, which was N250,000 then, I had to deferred my admission and since then, I have been engaging myself in other things. I studied Computer Engineering and I run an apprentice business as a Computer Engineer. By the grace of God, I plan to go back to school this year. I was studying Insurance then in LASU, though, I actually put in for Business Administration but the school gave my Insurance.


Waskidoli at THE IMPACT Newspaper

THE IMPACT: How did you get into music?
Waskidoli: (laughter). I got lots of motivation from my dad. He practically made me love music. He likes listening to music always, most especially, 2pac, Biggie and the rest of all those oldies. Whenever he sing along when any of his favourite artistes, I’m always like amzed! I derived my inspiration from the kind of music my dad listen to. I first cultivated the habit of listening to the same music genius my dad listened to and I later developed my own line. But my mum was the opposite. She opposed my going into music. To her, anyone into music must develop bad habit and she doesn’t want that for me. I deal with that by making her understand that music is my life from which I derive joy. It’s my passion but she didn’t approve of it until I enrolled for the Unleash Your Talent (UYT), Season V, a contest I emerged third. Thanks to my big sister, Princess Aderoju Ladega, who played a very important role in my music development.
THE IMPACT: Have you performed at a show before and what is it like for an upcoming artiste like you?.
Waskidoli: Yes. Aside the UYT, I have being to several shows in and outside Ikorod. While I was in LASU. I usually attended to shows with my friends who were also into music.
THE IMPACT: We learnt that you write your songs by yourself. Is it true and how many songs have you recorded so far and which record Label are you signed to?
Waskidoli: I have three songs now. ’The Code’ is my first song and the second song is out now titled, ‘Eyin Fans Mi’. The song is for my fans who have been showing me love as well as following me on FB and twitter. I really appreciate them. And the in my third song, I featured my nigga, Boy Ray. Shout out to you pal. I love you bro! We did a remix together.
THE IMPACT: Can you tell us the market acceptance of your first track, ‘The Code’?
Waskidoli: Wow! I just want to give thanks to the Almighty God for the success and acceptance, because I didn’t believe the love people have been showing me. The owner of the site where we put the song for my teeming fans to download has been calling to give report of the rate at which people are downloading the song. He was even complaining at a point.


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