“LASIEC Under The Former Chief Judge Can Deliver Free, Fair Election,” – Mr Salau, Ikorodu PDP Chairman

Mr Musiliu Salau is the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ikorodu Division. In a brief interview in his office at the party secretariat with Kunle Adelabu, Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief of THE IMPACT and Augustine Onu, a trainee reporter, he bore his mind on the preparation of the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) towards the Local Government elections, electoral expenses and the factionalization within the main opposition party among others. Excerpts:

PDP Chairman

Mr Musliu Salau, Chairman, Ikorodu Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

IMPACT: Sir, it has been awhile since you assumed office as the PDP chairman in Ikorodu, how has it been steering the ship of the main opposition party in Ikorodu?

Mr Salau: Before I assumed the position, there were two factions within the party, but since I came in, I have been trying to make the party a one big united family and I thank God now, we are one PDP under my leadership.

IMPACT: Sir, how can you describe the state of PDP in other parts of Ikorodu division?

Mr Salau: Well, PDP in other parts of Ikorodu local government is one, and we are always meeting with them. Our party structures are intact and we are planning towards winning the next elections in Ikorodu division.

IMPACT: How will you describe the preparation of LASIEC towards the Council elections and do you believe that LASIEC can conduct free and fair elections?

Mr Salau: I believe they can conduct a free and fair elections because I see the former Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips, former Chief Judge of Lagos State, doing well in the preparations towards the elections. But I still want to tell the chairman that they must ensure that the elections are free and fair. Election results must be announced according to the wishes of the people because that is the only way to give whomever emerges as winner true mandate. In fact, we are getting ready for the local government elections, because we have candidates for the councillorship and chairmanship positions across the division.

IMPACT: How do you see the electoral law that stipulates a maximum amount of N10million  and N1million as campaign expenses for chairmanship and councillorship candidates respectively?

Mr Salau: That can’t be possible. I don’t know why they enacted such law. To do posters alone cost more or even half of what was stipulated, and you haven’t talked about other souvenirs, running round among other things during the campaign. Sincerely, I don’t think that will be possible.

IMPACT: In Ikorodu, how can you describe the relationship among political parties, and do you see such relationship capable of bringing about a peaceful conduct in the coming local government elections?

Mr Salau: You know Ikorodu local government is different from Lagos Island, Somolu and other places, and more so, Ikorodu is a peaceful area and we know ourselves. I know the elections will be peaceful and as for the other parties, we are going to talk to them when the time comes so that we can all approach the elections as good sportsmen?

IMPACT: How is your party preparing towards the coming elections?

Mr Salau: We have been planning, doing meetings and outlining strategies. We are planning well and ensuring that we do better this time around. I know that in this coming elections, we are going to clinch some positions we failed last time.




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