2017 Ikorodu Division NUT Elections: Who Takes Over from Comrade Oduguwa as Chairman?

Kunle Adelabu.


Asiwaju (Comrade) Lateef Babatunde Oduguwa, Chairman, Ikorodu NUT

Come Thursday, May 25, 2017, thousands of teachers in primary, secondary and technical schools across Ikorodu Division will be going to the poll to elect a new executive council to steer the ship of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Ikorodu division branch ,for the next four years.

As expected ,the chairmanship position ,which is currently being occupied by Comrade Lateef Babatunde Oduguwa, will be fiercely fought for going by the developments in the past few months.

The office became much sought after due to the achievements of the outgoing chairman, who initiated impacting programmes and policies that are beneficial to the teachers in the division. These achievements conferred great influence and recognition on Comrade Oduguwa at the division,State and national levels of the union.

Comrade Oduguwa became the first chairman of NUT in Ikorodu Division to be re-elected at the fiercely contested election at Government College, Ikorodu about four years ago..

Among his administration achievements are the building of an Ultra-Modern Teachers House with a hall, an extension, offices and cafeteria.

Another lasting legacy  of the outgoing chairman is the introduction of loan which many teachers have adjudged as very impacting and helpful, as well as the distribution of households items, entrepreneur training for the teachers, inauguration of Teachers’ Representative Forum, introduction of award/honour for serving and retired teachers, health programmes among many other initiatives.

Following the outstanding performances of the outgoing executive council which is unprecedented in the history of the union, expectations are however high.

According to many of the teachers who spoke with THE IMPACT, they are not ready to go back to the period prior to the emergence of the outgoing administration where situation was just normal, but are willing to vote for a team that would either sustained the laudable achievements or improved on them.

It was also gathered that the outgoing Secretary of the Union, Comrade Fakolade Olufemi and a secondary school teacher, Mr Zulukadeen Babatunde are the leading the contenders for the chairmanship position.

While Olufemi Fakolade is the secretary in the outgoing  administration, Comrade Zulukaldeen challenged Comrade Lateef Oduguwa in the last election and has since sustained his desire to mount the number one position of union in the division.

Aside performance, another factor which has characterized the contest is indigeneship, though, many of the teachers that spoke with our reporter stated that such sentiment would not been allowed within the noble profession.

“That is true, some of those aspiring are now using ethnicity factor but that would not be allowed at all. This is a game of number and what we want are capable hands that would sustained or  if possible improve on the achievements of Oduguwa led exco” ,a teacher who did not want her name in print stated.

It was further gathered that few months back, a section  of the union dragged Comrade Oduguwa and some chieftains of the union who were indigenes before the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Kabiru shotobi, alleging that they were attempting to  impose a non-indigene as the chairman of the union.

According to a senior teacher who pleaded anonymity,he said, “Oba Shotobi on hearing their case dismissed them and warned them to desist from setting the non-indigenes against the indigenes. Since then, they do not know what to do again except trying to cause friction within the union and among our teachers but they have always met their waterloo.”

Meanwhile, a retired teacher who still considers himself as a stakeholder, has appealed to the warring factions to sheathe their swords and allowed ballot  papers to determine the team that would lead the union.

“Though, I have retired,I  still have great interest in the union. I knew what it was before the emergence of the outgoing executive and what it is now.  Both factions are fighting for the betterment of the union in different ways and rather than allowing their aspirations and ideology to polarize NUT, they should pursue whatever ambition they have in line with the laid down regulations and demonstrate spirit of sportmanship. As teachers, we should be setting good examples for the political class and other professions. I pray they would allow the majority  to decide who they want to lead them through the ballot papers”, he cautioned.





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