Chamber of Commerce, Residents Need To Harness Ikorodu Division’s Huge Potentials, Commissioner Ogunleye Urged

Kunle Adelabu.


Prince Rotimi Ogunleye, Commissioner for Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives, Lagos State, delivering the keynote address at the 2017 Ikorodu Community Development Awards (ICDA) held at Ikorodu Town hall.

Prince Rotimi Ogunleye,Lagos State Commissioner for Commece, Industry & Cooperatives ,has challenged the Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce and the entire residents of Ikorodu division to work towards harnessing the economic and social potentials of the division if they are to be a major player in the state.

He threw this challenge in his keynote address at the recently held Ikorodu Community Development Awards ceremony on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the Ikorodu Town hall.

The Commissioner went down memory lane to established the exploits of Ikorodu division in economic activities of the state.

“Traditionally, Ikorodu people are known for their activities in commerce, farming and fishing. Quite a number of entrepreneurs from the division have made indelible marks in transport, business and diverse sectors of the economy either in term of portfolio investment or direct investment.”

“What I am saying in essence is that Ikorodu has huge potentials by virtue of its geographical location and demographic status. Being increasingly cosmopolitan, the division has potentials for greater influx of investments and upbeat socio-economic development”

He highlighted the plans of the state government to commence  some projects in the division that would help in its transformation: : “That is why the administration of His Excellency, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode has established a number of projects for the division this fiscal year. A perusal of this administration’s Golden Jubilee Budget of N812.98billion will reveal the following star projects: Agric-Isawo-Owutu-Arepo road,  Igbe road, the construction of a modem stadium and the construction of a state-of-the-art theatre.”

“Just this month, the executive council approved the establishment of the Imota Industrial Park which will be a complete industrial enclave with electricity and water reticulation.”

Prince Ogunleye also challenged indigenous investors to take advantage of the untapped potentials in the hospitality business by building a five star hotel to accommodate big players in the global business when all these projects come into realization.

“But the division needs a five star hotel with spacious car park and a serene ambience to accommodate the expected influx of investors. Today, there is no hotel of such standard which can compete with the likes of Continental Hotel, Eko Hotel, Sheraton or Radisson Blue to cater for exquisite tastes of global economic movers and decision makers and which can conveniently accommodates 60 or more guests with state of the art facilities. This is a huge untapped potential.”

“The onus is on us citizens and residents to pave way for the full realization of the potentials of this division. We need to be sensitized to embrace this administration’s drive for infrastructural transformation of the community.”

“The members of the Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce need to take up the challenge by implementing consistent programmes that will open the competitive investment drive.”

“It needs to interface with other chambers like Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and bilateral chambers, to organize trade fairs and investment summit.”

“Take Badagry for example, its innate potentials are being awakened. Just last month ,March 23rd to 24th, the people made up of retired top civil servants and private sector operators held a successful Badagry Economic Summit.”

“Today, the Aje Oil Field is there. The Badagry Deep Sea Port and Free Zone is coming to stream. Its tourism potentials is being aggressively tapped.”

“Compare the old image of the Lagos Road from the garage rounabout to what it is today with most major banks having their branches there. Imagine what Ayangbure Road looked like some 10 years ago,. These are signs of transformation, the change that the division needs.”

“Potentials abound in this division. We need vision, we need concerted efforts to create the enabling environment that will attract foreign and local investors.”

“It takes a man’s vision to see the business potentials in water, an item which many of us had taken for granted. Yet,the late Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi pinpointed this item and together with his colleagues established Ragolis Nigeria Limited in a trail-Blazing blitz and made it an export item. Today, many entrepreneurs make livelihood from water.”

“This is the kind of orientation we need to turn this community into a veritable destination for global focus and to make it an active player in the mega status of the state. The transition to smart city has begun in many communities globally. Where are we? The race should start now.”






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