Badoo In Ikorodu: Vigilante, Onyabo Apprehend A Suspect, As Outcry Follows Killing of Four In Adamo

Kunle Adelabu.


The suspect yesterday.

A suspected member of the notorious group, Badoo, who simply identified himself as Segun was arrested yesterday in Ikorodu.


The suspect who claimed to be a native of Ipetu, Osun State was allegedly caught by members of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) and Onyabo in Parafa area of Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Ikorodu Division Early morning Friday, May 12, 2017.


According to the leader of the Onyabo Vigilance Group of Ikorodu, the suspect was caught early morning Friday while attempting to gain entrance into a building.


“From our operatives based in Lucky Fibre area of Parafa, the suspect was caught wearing only pant already gained access into the compound before member of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria caught him and later handed him over to us”


A source within the Onyabo who was among those who brought the suspect to the vigilance team’s headquarters in Ikorodu informed THE IMPACT that the Badoo suspect already found his way into the building through a barb wire from which he sustained injury on his arm.


“He was caught with a keg containing what we thought was chemical but those that caught him has thrown it away. He has also made useful statements”


“He also confessed to raping and killing of a lady in Parafa but failed to tell us where he buried her corpse” the source said.


In our reporter’s interview with the suspect, Segun stated he is a welder but could not state which area he has been operating as a welder.


When asked where he was caught, he stated: “I was brought from Parafa area but I don’t know how I got there and what I was doing there”


Thereafter, he refused answering further questioning and only murmuring to himself.


THE IMPACT gathered from some residents of Parafa that that the suspect was staying at Igbore before absconding.


A source told THE IMPACT: “He was actually staying at Igbore with his uncle before absconding. We gathered that he was desperately in search of ritual money”


Meanwhile, four Badoo suspect were caught and summarily executed in Okegbodo area of Adamo in Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area on Friday, May 12, 2017.

The controversial killings has since generated conflicting reactions, while some are of the view that the suspects are ‘Omo-Oniles’, some are saying that they are innecent while others are of the opinion that they were members of the dreadry Badoo gang that has been terrorizing different parts of the division.


According to a source, “ One of the victims was called by his sister to come and rescue her from some people fighting with her, and he went there with Three of his friends. On getting there, the matter escalated and the other party started shouting Badoo!!! And before you know it people have gathered, apprehended them and inflict several pains on them before summarily executing them”


Another source who claimed that one of the murdered suspect was his neighbor said, “Its so unfortunate that he was killed in this way and manner. I was the one that called him this morning (Friday) that he needs to go to site to get money for him. He is a Omo-Onile’ and not Badoo”


“Most times, he sleeps in my apartment. He is a good brother and friend. Very dependable and good to me. How can an opposing group use that method against helpless people and allowed them to be summarily executed in that manner” he queried


The matter has generated divergent opinions and Adamo are of Ikorodu is now in state of tension.


The case of the Four men (names Withheld) that were gruesomely murdered by angry mobs in the Okegbodo, Eyinogbe Araromi area of Adamo in Ikorodu should be looked into.


It was alleged that the vigilance team operating in the area monitored the torturing and executionning of the suspects.



We also gathered that the Policemen that were drafted to the area were unable to do anything despite arriving the scene before the suspects were executed.


Mr Mickey Odesanya, popularly called ‘Presy’ in Ikorodu has described the killings as unfortunate and called for enquiry. He stated that such prejudicial execution should be discouraged in the community.


In the same manner, Comrade Adedeji Fatuga, Administrator of Ikorodu Ambassadors Group also described the action as barbaric and inhumane act against helpless citizens.


If you will recall, the dready Badoo group which ahs been disturbing Ikorodu last attack on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, where they murdered of another family, comprising a couple, Mr and Mrs Taofiq and Simiat Agbaje and two of their children, Rodiat and Toyeebat in their home at Adeke bus stop in Imota Local Council development Area of Ikorodu division.


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