I Have Not Accepted Vice Chairmanship Position From Anyone And There Is No Sponsor Outside My Family, Friends – Ameen Ibraheem, Chairmanship aspirant for Ikorodu North.


Ameen Ibrahim, Chairmanship aspirant for Ikorodu North LCDA.

THE IMPACT: Can we meet you sir?

Mr Ameen: My name is Ameen Olawale Ibrahim, popularly called ‘Apanisile’. I am from the Olokunola and Apanisile families of Ikorodu and an aspirant for the Ikorodu North Local Council.


THE IMPACT: Going by the latest developments in politics, has your perception of politics changed?

Ameen: To me, politics is a calling for the progressive-minded people. An avenue to contribute meaningfully to the developments of society and humanity in general. That was my intention before joining to contest for the chairmanship and despite the recent developments, I still believe that men and women of integrity and honour should come into mainstream politics to help in advancing the course of the society. My perception has not changed at all and I still have 100% confidence that I am the best man for the job.

THE IMPACT: I asked the question due to the political developments that is unfolding in your council. One, you have been accused of accepting the vice chairmanship position to an adopted candidate. Secondly, that this was the reason you refused signing a document prepared by other eight aspirants calling for primary election instead of imposition. What do you have to say to these allegations?

Ameen: I’m a progressive young man who came into politics to advance progressive political engagements. I also have firm believe in justice, fairness and equity because it is through these we can have tranquility and peace. I’m not in support of any other aspirant except my own aspiration. And I want to categorically state here that I have not accepted any Vice Chairmanship position from any aspirant or group. I have so much respect for the leadership of my party and the entire excos, both at the council and ward level. As a young man, I am also responsible for many people who look up to me for direction. This aspiration is not about me and will never be about me, but about the peole; our council and our great party, APC. On your first question, I have not accepted any vice chairmanship offer from anybody because I am still fully in the race and  victory is certain. As a man also, I am a leader in  my own right and should be responsible for my actions and inactions. How can I sign a document that I wasn’t part of its making? I know that several rumors were been peddled around. I was given no prior notice about any deliberation or meeting. But I must say that I have great honour and respect for my colleagues that took the decision. It is a very courageous one but ther is need to learn how to do things in proper way.


THE IMPACT: What is your next line of action?

Ameen: I am fully prepared for the primary elections.I am one of the few aspirants that navigated the length and breadth of the council, visiting ward elders and excos, meeting with artisans and youths and canvassing party faithful for supports. My campaign has been massive and the train is still moving. I know the council inside-out because I am a native. I’m well connected with several parts of Ikorodu North and Ikorodu Central. We have family landed properties in Maya-Aladire, Agbala, Odogunyan and other parts. I have been relating with my people and I have no fear allowing them to determine our faith. I am totally in support of primary elections.


THE IMPACT: With your understanding that politics is also about consensus, give and take and  compromise, what will you do if the party stakeholders decided that you should be vice to a candidate?

Ameen: Of course, I recognize compromise and consensus as part of politics, but it must be done in proper way. You just mentioned that party stakeholders, of course, these must include the party leaders, council excos, ward excos and the aspirants. If that is the position of the stakeholders , so be it. But as I mentioned earlier, it must be all-encompassing and inclusive, that is when there can be  justice, fairness and equity. In addition, I am also conscious of who I am going to work with. It must be someone with programmes, capacity and who is also ready to see me as partner in progress.


THE IMPACT: Lastly, it has also been alleged that you are being sponsored by a particular leader who is eyeing the vice chairmanship position. How true is this and who is your sponsor?

Ameen: Don’t forget that I came from a well to do families-Olokunola and Apanisile. I have also lived, schooled and worked abroad. My family has been the major source of my funding. I have people that believed in me and want me to be a good ambassador of the two prominent families. I have also been receiving support from my friends both home and abroad and lastly, as a young man,I am gainfully engaged and I have been diverting my income into the campaign. No any other source aside these I have mentioned.




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  1. Samuel ihievbe

    this one will not disappoint us in ikorodu and lagos and as Nigerian. He has integrity, simple and humble. he is fit for the job.

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