Local Government Elections 2017: Political (Online) Debate


As proposed few weeks back that there would be an online political debate among aspirants vying to chair the six local council areas in the Division, we are happy to announce to the house that the debate shall be coming up between 7pm and 10pm on Tuesday, May 23, Wednesday, May 24 and Thursday, May 25, 2017, on this platform.
In preparation for the debate, we have contacted two scholars and a public commentator to moderate. While Dr Abiodun Fatai shall be the Chief Moderator, he shall be assisted by another young scholar, Mr Agboola Odesanya and a respectable public commentator, Mrs Funke Awoyemi.

The debate modalities shall be as follows:
– Starting from 7pm on Tuesday, individual aspirants are expected to state their profiles in brief.
– Followed by their programmes (manifestoes).
– The Moderators, led by the Chief, shall thereafter ask them questions based on profiles and programmes presented.
– The aspirants are also at liberty to ask one another questions based on individual profile and programmes.
– After this, the Chief Moderator is expected to throw the floor open to the public to ask questions based on the aspirants’ profiles and programmes.
– Moderators are also at liberty to come up with Code of Conducts as they deemed fit.
– The Chief Moderator and his team shall have power to recommend any aspirant or member of the public for dismissal (which implies removal from the forum) in the event of violating the Code of Conducts specified by the Moderators.

Aspirants in the forum presently are:
1. Alhaji Rilwan Jinadu
2. Comrade Kehinde Okeowo
3. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba
4. Mr Ameen Olawale Ibraheem
5. Comrade Daini Sesan
6. Comrade Olalekan Murisiku
7. Hon. Adeola Banjo
8. Comrade Gbadebo

We are still working towards bringing other aspirants on board and we would appreciate any member of the forum who can help with their contacts.

However, it is allowed for some political allies (recognised by the Moderators) of the aspirants to stand in for them for the debate but such representatives are implored to fully introduce themselves and whom they are representing.

Please, note that aspirants will be considered on individual basis and not council areas.

Thanks for your cooperation.

The Administrator.
The Impact Newspaper – Community



  1. Smart Oluwole

    Why don’t we wait for the parties to submit there respective candidate for each Local Government

    • As an independent entity, we are only exercising our right to initiate our own programme irrespective of what the parties are doing. Thank you.

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