Ikorodu Under Siege As Badoo Go On Raping, Killing Spree

-Kills four family members, fifth in critical condition in hospital

-Victims to be buried on Friday as residents send save our souls to Gov. Ambode, Police Commissioner.

Kunle Adelabu.

The fear of Badoo is now a very serious concern for the residents of Ikorodu Division as the dreaded cult group,Badoo, continued its killing spree of wiping out entire families in the division.


From Ibeshe to Owode, Olu-Odo, Imota, Araromi, Gberigbe, Parafa among other places where they have struck and now Eruwen, where they killed four out of a family of five, the attackers mode of operation is same.


They mostly operated in uncompleted houses  that have no door or window and brutally attack  their victims with grinding stone while asleep. They also rape their female victims and wipe their private parts with white handkerchiefs before subjecting them and other members of their family to a brutal murder.


This was the same scenario that played out on Sunday, May 28, 2017, when suspected members of the deadly cult group,which has been terrorizing Ikorodu communities for over two years now, struck again at Erunwen area of Ikorodu,killing four members of the family of five they attacked.


The survivor, Tolu, an eleven years old girl and a student of Ikorodu Grammar Senior Secondary School, Ikorodu, is still unconscious in the hospital as at the time of writing this report.


She was found naked with black cloth tied round her neck when her late mother’s boss came to their house on Tuesday, May 30,2017,to check on her when she did not see her and her child at Day Care where she worked.


Late Mr & Mrs Olusanya and their daughter, late Semilore.

It was the woman, according to report, that raised the  alarm that brought the neighbours to the scene after she had sighted the lifeless body of one of the victims in the sitting room.

Her father, Mr Adekoya Olusanya, a native of Igbogbo, her pregnant mother, Mrs Oriyomi Olusanya and brothers, Wale Olusanya, 11 years and Semilore Olusanya, 5years, did not survive the brutal attack as mortal was used to crush their heads.


While speaking on phone with THE IMPACT, the distressed boss of late Mrs Olusanya who did not want her name to be mentioned, narrated how she discovered the carnage.


“It was when I did not see her ( Mrs Olusanya) who was my staff until her brutal killing on Sunday, May 28, in school on Tuesday (May 30) and efforts made to reach her and her husband on phone was unsuccessful that I decided to go to their home. It was unusual of her not to come to school or communicate her whereabout”, the woman stated.


“When I got to their house which is somehow isolated, I met their door opened and when I stepped inside, I discovered odour coming out of the apartment but decided to go inside. On getting inside, I saw a body in the sitting and after calling out name again,I decided to tap the body but what I saw got me confused and had to ran outside to sought for help.”


Though, she said she was not sure of the state of the body she saw on the floor, but saw blood on the floor.


“I ran down the road and came in contact with some boys whom I explained my mission and discovery to and they called for others in the neighbourhood. On getting inside, they turned the body and we discovered that it was a lifeless body.”


“Some of the neighbours had to go into the rooms where they discovered other bodies. In fact, the husband body was already decomposing. It was after that I made some contacts”, she stated with grieve.


It was during the confusion that I discovered that Tolu (the survivor) moved and I had to call the attention of the neighbours that were with me inside the house to her”, she stated


She added that the lucky girl has since been taken to a hospital somewhere in Lagos where she is responding to medical attention.


It was gathered that the attackers cut open the  pregnancy of  Mrs Olusanya and went away with her four month old foetus.


Lifeless bodies of the Olusanyas on the floor after discovery

The matter was said to have since been reported to the Ikorodu Division Police Headquarters along Oba Ogunlewe Road, Ikorodu.


For about two years now, Ikorodu communities have been under the siege of Badoo cult group as its members move  from one part of the division to the other unleashing mayhem and wiping out families in a brutal manner.


The blood thirty group, which started its operation in Ibeshe, has now become a thorn in the flesh of  several communities whose helpless residents are now having sleepless night while families are moving out of Ikorodu in drove for fear of being the next victims.


More so, many people who, due to landlords’ trouble or inability to afford exorbitant house rent, were forced to hurriedly moved into their uncompleted houses, which has become soft target for the attackers, are being  forced to abandon these houses and in a bid to find a safer abode for their wives and children, they got them scattered across different locations.


There have been several interventions by the traditional institutions through the use of both conventional and unconventional security sectors in Ikorodu division but all were to no avail as the nefarious activities of Badoo continued unabated.

THE IMPACT gathered that some of the Badoo suspects captured by residents of Isiu, Parafa and most recently at Akanhun in Adamo, a town in Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area of Ikorodu Division, made useful confessions that they were being sent by powerful individuals including some traditional rulers before they were handed over to the police. However, nothing has been heard from the Lagos State Government and the State Police Command concerning  these  confessions and the suspects.


Meanwhile, most of the  residents, who spoke with THE IMPACT under the condition of anonymity, are now suspecting a cover up conspiracy and appealed  to the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode and the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, to come to their rescue.





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