The House of Assembly Investigation into Sabo Market Demolition


A section of the demolished shops at Sabo market (file picture)

I invite you to recall that on the 4th day of May, 2017, over 100 shops were demolished at the Sabo Market Ikorodu with other incidental losses to the shop owners.

The victims of the carnage cried themselves to a hoax, while accusing fingers started to fly in different directions on social media.

Some, out of mischief and a few out of ignorance,concluded I must know about the demolition, being the representative of the constituency in the House of Assembly. But God bless the very few individuals who were bold enough to educate my accusers on the distinct roles of legislators.

When my enquries at the Ministry of Physical planning and Ikorodu Local Government Council were to no avail, as the Commissioner and the Sole Administrator denied knowledge of the gestapo – like demolition, I only empathised with the victims and promised not to relent, until the perpetrators are uncovered.

Upon this promise, as expected of me as the representative of the people who invested their votes in me, I took the matter to the House of assembly, few weeks after the incident and pleaded for enquiry into the embarrasing matter. The House acceeded and committed the matter to the appropriate committee.

The committe invited the Victims, the market leaders, The Ministry of Physical planning led by the Commisioner and the Ikorodu Local Government led by the Sole Administrator. It is instructive to state here that Wasiu Adesina, the former Executive Secretary of the Council was not invited.

At the sitting of the Committee, I gathered that the Sole Administrator, pleaded that the contract for the redevelopment of the shops demolished was awarded before he became the Sole Administrator and that he inherited the crises.

This I learnt is the reason that Wasiu Adesina being the former Executive Secretary of the Council and the immidiate predecessor to the incumbent Sole Administrator of the Council was invited by the House of Assemby.

Then heaven was let loose by those who feel that once a man leaves office, he cannot be invited for interogations on matters he presided over, whilst in office. Very strange!, but thank God heaven did no fall and will not fall.


Another section of the demolished market at Sabo market (file picture)

That a man is invited for interrogation does not automatically sign the man in as guilty and qualified for sanctions, the person only needs to have his hands clean to enjoy the magnanimity of the angel called equity. It is only the guilty minds that I know are always afraid of their shadows.

For those who are castigating me for having to take the Sabo Market demolition to the House of Assembly, I wish to remind them that my mandate by votes is to represent the interests of my people in the Assembly and that it is the same Assembly I took the case of the proposed demolition of houses at Lambo Lasuwon to and the Assembly helped out. Same with Aribila case and ditto Parafa Jaiyesimi and New Era Estate cases.

In all, the House of Assembly have assisted me to bring succour to the people of my constituency in moments of grief and tribulations and the beneciciaries of the intervention have always been happy and grateful till date.

It is not as if I am daunted by the blacknmail, threats or name calling, I only set out to controvert the perverted version of the trasaction at the House of Assembly as as being presently peddled in respect of the subject matter of this piece. Of course, a dutiful pet has to be called a bad name to justify a sinister plot to hang it.

But, guess what, I have always known that All powers belongs to God, the Omnipotent and Ominiscience. What he does not give, no one takes, what he gives no one takes away. God reign always.

Agunbiade S.O.B
Lagos State House of Assembly.


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