Badoo Killings: Ikorodu Residents, Egede People storm Ayangbure Palace

Kunle Adelabu.

-3 killed in Odogunyan, two survivors in critical conditions

-Kabiyesi calms protesters, calls for increase vigilante activities

-Combined security team storms cultists’ hideout in Solomade



Egede community in Ikorodu protesting at Ayangbure palace against the gruesome murder of the Ike’s family on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

It is not the best of time in Ikorodu division as people continue to live in fear of the dreaded Badoo group that has been terrorizing residents for about two years. The unfortunate attacks have thus increased wave of protests to the Ayangbure palace in recent time.


Earlier today, two separate protests stormed the palace of HRM Oba Kabiru Shotobi to register their anger at the incessant Badoo killings in the division.


Early on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, the deadly gang stormed Odogunyan community in Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area, killing three members of a family of five at Olopomeji street.


Mr Ike David (senior),popularly called ‘Alhaji’ , his wife, Margret  along with their eldest son, Ike David (junior) were gruesomely murdered by the blood thirsty group.


According to eye witnesses accounts, they were hit with object on their heads, while a relative of the victims also told THE IMPACT that Ike David’s(junior) stomach was slashed opened.


The victims were said to be from the Egede tribe in Nigeria.


The survivors,(Mathew and Christian) who were said to be toddlers, were said to be in critical conditions at the Ikorodu General Hospital.


We also gathered that the medical personnel has concluded arrangement to move them to the Lgaos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) in Ikeja for adequate medical attention. It was also gathered that the doctors were doing everything to stabilize them before moving them out of Ikorodu.


The incident, which threw the entire Odogunyan community into mourning mood,has also increased the fear of the ‘killer’ gang among the residents of Ikorodu division.


When our reporter visited the area early in the morning, body of the victims were displayed at the scene of the sad incident on Alliu Adesanya Street, Olopomeji Bus Stop,near VIO office in Odogunyan.

A family member of the victims, Mrs Angella Edward told THE IMPACT that what she saw when she got to the scene was gory.



Oba Kabiru Shotobi, the Ayangbure of ikorodu listening to the protesting Egede community. With him were chiefs and community elders.

“I was not there but someone called me and informed me about the sad incident. The late Ike(senior) was my husband’s younger brother. On getting there, I saw how they(attackers) broke the woman’s head (Mrs Ike). They killed the husband and dropped him on the floor , likewise the son whose tummy was brutally cut open.”


“If you can get to the scene before they pack the corpses, you will see for yourself. People said that they were killed with something like stone.”


The first set of protesters that stormed the Ayangbure palace to protest the sad event comprised of residents of Ikorodu who were sympathetic to the victims.


They called on Oba Shotobi, Lagos State Government and police authority to find a lasting solution to the nefarious activities that is making people to live in fear.


Also,the Egede community, comprising of families, friends and associates of the Ikes,at around 1pm stormed Ayangbure palace to protest the gruesome murder of some of their own.


The leaders of the protests expressed their dissatisfaction over what happened to the Egedes and urged the monarch and government to do everything to stop the Badoo menace.


The killers, according to report,had entered the building without the landlord and other tenants being aware and entered  the victims’ apartment to carry out the devilish act.


One of the protesters in his own reaction demanded to know what kabiyesi and government have been doing to stop Badoo attacks.


The representatives of Egede community also complained that the management of the General Hospital also refused to admit the corpses of the victims into their morgue and appealed for the Oba’s intervention.


While sympathizing with the protesters, Oba Shotobi  appealed to them to be calmed as the community and the government are doing everything to effectively checkmate the activities of Badoo gang.


He also enjoined them to form vigilante groups to counter the Badoo insurgence which he described as worrisome.


“I sympathise with you because this is a very terrible and unfortunate development. I, as the ruler, my chiefs and entire Ikorodu people also sympathize with you for the loss and I want to appeal to you to be calmed. We are working to find lasting solution to the menace”, Oba Shotobi assured.


“The people of Ikorodu have been here before you; protesting what happened to your people. You are part of Ikorodu community and you have every right to live here and go about your businesses without any fear or molestation.”


“As a community, we have been doing everything we could but we are not relenting until we put final stop to these unfortunate incidents by the deadly Badoo gang. Our people deserve to live in peace and in an atmosphere devoid of fear.”


“While the community and government are working, I want to enjoin you to form vigilante groups in your communities and be conscious of people coming in and going out of your communities. These satanic elements are not ghosts but human beings like us and we can checkmate them if we want to.”


“The government is working to bring unfortunate security situations in the town under control and I can assure you that we shall overcome Badoo and other acts of criminalities in our community. We have never experienced this kind of disturbing incidents in Ikorodu. It is a new phenomenon and we all must be involved in finding ways to stop it.”


The protesters at the Ayangbure palace on Wednesday

Oba Shotobi also assured the Egede community of adequate care for the two survivors.


The monarch’s appeal to the Medical Director of Ikorodu General Hospital for the acceptance of the three corpses into its morgue has also been granted.

Meanwhile, a cross section of the students of Lagos State Polytechnic , Ikorodu campus,have also raised concerns over the nefarious activities of the deadly Badoo gang and called on the authority of the school, Ikorodu community and Lagos State Government to find urgent and lasting solution to the happenings before any student turns victim.


Incidents of Badoo attacks have increased in recent time in Ikorodu division with the deadly gang using mortal and other dangerous weapons to brutally killed their victims.Some suspects have also been apprehended.


…Combined Security Team Storms Cultists’ Hideout In Solomade


Combined security personnel including men of the Nigerian police, army, Neighbourhood Watch and other local vigilante teams stormed two suspected cultists’ hideouts on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, in Solomade area of Ikorodu.


The team, which got Oba Shotobi’s blessings before storming the hideouts,according to report,got a tip-off that members of the deadly gang were using the locations as meeting points.


Although, nothing was found at the two locations,THE IMPACT gathered that the security personnel has resolved to place the entire Solomade area under serious surveillance.


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