Ambode Is Taking Lagos To The Zenith– Prince Sanusi

Prince Lanre Sanusi is a United States of America based businessman and a Nigerian politician. He aspired for the House of Representatives under the Ikorodu Federal Constituency in 2015 in an attempt to succeed Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa. He spoke with Kunle Adelabu, Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief, THE IMPACT Newspaper, on performance of the government of Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, controversial All Progressives Congress (APC) primary elections, Ikorodu Division for Senate agenda and his political plan for the future. Excerpts:




IMPACT – Can we meet you sir?




Prince Sanusi: I’m Prince Oladimeji Sanusi,a true son of Ikorodu division from Ikorodu, Ijede and Egbin.My lineage also cut across the three Senatorial Districts in Lagos State – Amuwo-Odofin (Lagos West), Isale-Eko (Lagos Central) and Ikorodu Division (Lagos East).




IMPACT: Does this has anything to do with your political engagements?




Prince Sanusi: I was part of those that pioneered Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Ajeromi-Ifeloju Local Government under the leadership of Comrade Ogunbanjo while Prince Rabiu Adio Oluwa was the Executive Chairman of the council. I have also been playing pivotal role in the development and metamorphosis of the party in Ikorodu since inception till the present moment.




IMPACT: What was your life like before joining politics and what has changed now that you are a politician?




Prince Sanusi: I worked for Hancor Dredging before being transferred abroad (United States of America to be precise) where I started all over again because I was unable to do anything with the certificate I obtained here in Nigeria. I studied to obtain High School Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Masters among others. I knew sometime, someday, I will be politically engaged and I knew that I will contest for elective posts. So, I had to prepare myself academic wise and also build network of contacts. In 2015, I was called upon by the people to vie for the Federal House of Representatives but at the end, Hon. Babajimi Benson was picked and I have been very close to him since then.I am very proud of him for all he has been able to do with the people’s mandate.


IMPACT: What have you been doing after your unsuccessful aspiration for the Federal House of Representatives seat on the platform of APC in 2015?


Prince Sanusi: After Hon. Benson was picked, I embraced him and since then,I’ve been supporting him. Likewise,my brother representing Ikorodu Constituency II, Hon. Nurudeen Solaja and the Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Sanai Agunbiade. We thought that we are going to be favoured with an appointment but that was never to be,so I had to return to my base in America to continue with my business. Despite my relocation, I have been involved socially, economically and politically in Ikorodu affairs and I will still continue to do that, political position or not.


We have been reaching out to people during New Year, Christmas, Ileya and other celebrations.


IMPACT: Your party seems to be polarized due to the outcome of the controversial primary elections for the coming council elections. What is your message to the aggrieved members and the party regarding this?


Prince Sanusi: The party is supreme and we have to think of the party first before any personal or group interest. Nobody owns anything and only God gives position. If it is not your time today, it could be your turn tomorrow but if you destroy the party,how are you going to get that? Any loyal party member should understand that the party decision is final. Everyone party member must be seen to be adhering to the party’s decision. By now, I expect a reconciliation committee talking to the aggrieved people. Those that have been picked must also not see themselves as better than those not picked. They are just fortunate to be favoured today and they have to be humble in that regard. We need everybody to work together for the progress of the party. In my own capacity, I have been talking to some of them and still planning to continue. I have plan to call them together for serious discussion. I have spoken with Daini Sesan, Banjo, Alhaji Fathiu and I’m still going to talk with others on the need to extend hand of friendship to their co-contestants. Imota is perfect as there is no problem with the candidate there.


IMPACT: Do you think that your party, APC, will win the coming Council elections considering its polarization which is taking dangerous dimension?


Prince Sanusi: That is the more reason we have to close rank. We don’t have to allow our differences to polarize us for the sake of the party. Electorate are now getting wiser and we need to canvass them for votes and we can only do that together if we are one big united family. In my own capacity, I will be providing support for the candidates as part of my contributions to their electioneering and development of our party.


It is important to note that we are not in any way afraid of the opposition parties because our candidates will be campaigning base on our achievements in Lagos State where our amiabe Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has been performing wonders. The way the governor has been reaching out to the grassroots is awesome. Look at the One Lagos Fiesta, Lagos at 50 celebration and now Ramadan Celebration, instead of a central ceremony that used to be the order of the day, we are now having celebrations at divisional and council levels which reduced greatly the exodus to Alausa whenever there is any state function. The two roads per council, Lagos State Employment Fund, security intervention among other initiatives are awesome. Lagos is working more under Mr Akinwunmi Ambode and in matter of years, the state would be up there.


IMPACT: I cannot conclude this interview without asking you about the controversy surrounding ‘Ikorodu for Senate’. It was alleged that you were the brain behind the campaign. How true is this and do you have any future political plan?


Prince Sanusi: Everything is in the hands of God and all powers belong to Him. I was not the only mover of ‘Ikorodu for Senate’ campaign. We just felt strongly that our division should have another go at the Senate since Sen. Seye Ogunlewe left.We have the strength in terms of human and material resources. We also have the population. It is something we can get if we put our house in order. For instance, Hon. Babajimi Benson is doing great with people’s mandate likewise, Hon. Agunbiade. We also have Asipa Kaoli Olusanya and Princess Adenrele Ogunsanya among many other competent hands in Ikorodu.


IMPACT: Are you going to contest for any political position?


Prince Sanusi: I hope to contest again. But my ambition to contest for any political position is not about what I want to benefit but about service, honour and contributing meaningfully to the development of our society and humanity.


IMPACT: Thank you.


Prince Sanusi: Thank you.


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