Lagos Assures Couples On Marriage Certificates


Intending couples have nothing to fear about getting married at local government registries, Lagos State Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs Muslim Folami, said yesterday.

The government, he said, would henceforth, issue Form E to married couples as stipulated in Section 24 of the Marriage Act.

The government will also reissue the new certificate to couples issued with the old Unified Marriage Certificates, he said.

Folami said the government had printed Form E as stated in the Marriage Act and circulated it to the registries in the 57 councils to ensure the uniformity.

The commissioner’s clarification may not be unconnected with a Lagos High Court decision in May that the issuance of modified or customised marriage certificates by local governments contravened Section 24 of the Marriage Act.

But, according to Folami, “marriages contracted by any of our marriage registries are lawful and legal.

Debunking speculations that the old marriage certificates issued by the councils are illegal, he said under the 1999 Constitution (as amended), local government is responsible for the registration of births, deaths and marriages.

The commissioner said: “What we have done is to comply with the clauses in the judgment to ensure that all our registries now issue Form E in compliance with the Marriage Act. Henceforth, marriages conducted in all the registries would be issued with Form E which make them authentic and accepted worldwide.


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