Trixx TV kicks-off operation on January 20


Trixx TV is set to kick-off operations on January 20, 2018 via its Youtube Page, Instagram page, facebook page, Twitter Page and so many social media platforms.

The birth of this thriving online TV is borne out of the need to follow the trend of things, as almost everything in the world has gone digital, in order to keep people informed. Some core focus of the TV includes Politics, Entertainment such as Music, sports, Comedy, and imbibing morals.

The aim of Trixx TV is to ensure that the Television set becomes a thing of the past, which explains how educating, entertaining, engaging Trixx Tv will be after it launches.

It’s definitely an online TV which has a programme for every set of people in the world, be it children, Male, Female, Aged ones, muslims, christains, Traditional worshippers, and many more.

To catch up with Trixx Tv,

Facebook Page : Trixx Tv

Youtube Channel : Trixx Tv

Instagram : Trixxtv18

Twitter : @Trixxtv18

Contact details : 08147099029, 08145333608, 08142558335

Email :


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